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I would like to invite anyone who has attended or is currently in a Cal State MSW program to please share your thoughts and experience on the program. As an applicant, I felt there wasn't enough information out there to make a decision on which schools would be a good fit for me. Some examples of questions I haven't found many answers to:

What kind of social work interests you?
Did/do you enjoy your overall program experience? 
What was faculty/staff like?
What was the internship process and experience like?
Is self-care emphasized in the program?
Did/do you feel prepared going into the field? 

Thanks for sharing!

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If you get a chance to attend a info session, even if it is a web-based one, you will get a sense of the programs because they usually have a student panel.  Also, try contacting the school to see if they have a student who would be willing to speak with you; they usually do. Last, look up names of alumni and try contacting them and seeing if they wouldnt mind sharing!

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