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Your best bet might be to look outside of the U.S. academy but you might also need to consider a discipline change if you want to pursue postcolonial studies (even in the context of IR/polisci). 

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I would recommend Europe and preferably German universities given that there is no tuition and such approaches are quite popular outside the few quant-heavy departments in Mannheim, Konstanz, Bonn or Heidelberg.

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chicago, sankar muthu comes to mind easily...

with that being said, one could realize that post-colonial isn' that hot in US polisci department without much research, you can find more scholars in sociology and literature with a methodological penchant for post-colonialism.

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I don't think it's true that political science departments in the US (&Canada!) don't do postcolonial theory. 
Some people that come to mind:

- Peggy Kohn (UofToronto)

- P.J. Brendese (Johns Hopkins)

- Sankar Muthu (UChicago)

- Karuna Mantena (Yale)

- Keally McBride (USF)

- Glen Coulthard (UBC)

I'm sure there are many more theorists that I can't think of off the top of my head.

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I would still stand by the statement that political science departments in the U.S. don't do postcolonial theory. This doesn't mean an individual within a department doesn't utilize it. (I still think going an anthropology/sociology route would be better if intent to stay in the U.S.)

(This doesn't mean that I wouldn't have loved the opportunity to work with P.J. Brendese at Hopkins.)

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