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Presidents day


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So I just realized that Monday is holiday!! That means if anything is being sent in the mail will come later! Damn these holidays and snow days! Why do these programs still use post, I think they should email everyone, it saves trees.

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I agree!! One of my schools said they would have to make the letters and then mail them out. Why can't they just shoot me a quick email, then mail the letter!!! I want to know ASAP! Mail takes too long, that is why we use EMAIL and Cell phones!

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Possible upside of the holiday (which someone also mentioned about the snow days) is that no classes are being held that day = more time for them to spend reading our applications!

My school is open on President's day.

Yeah, Georgia Tech is open on President's Day too. Between Spring break, MLK, Jr. Day, and the fact that it's an engineering school, the school can't afford any more holidays :P

Not to mention the fact that classes Friday got cut off at 2:30 PM because of snow... lol

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