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Admission in universities in texas

Tushar Anand

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Hey everyone!!

I got a score 310 in gre. 160 n 150 in quants n verbal respectively. I want to get enrolled in some good university in texas in fall 2018. I am looking forward to plan my next step. Can anyone guide me about what my next step should be. Should I give the gre again otherwise how can I best utilise my time in making my profile better. What are the options I have?

Thank you

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Look at the universities that have scores of students in different fields to see what they want. UT-Austin has them I know. When I applied there, I noticed the scores were quite high. Here's the stats for UT-Austin all fields: https://gradschool.utexas.edu/admissions/where-to-begin/admissions-and-enrollment-statistics

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Immediately start developing your relationships with professors who might write your LORs.

LORs are discussed extensively in this forum http://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/75-letters-of-recommendation/

I suggest that you give thought to the impact that Harvey may have on those you may ask to write for you IRT available time, focus, and interest. 

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