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Hi everybody! I hope you all aren't freaking out about applications as much as I am. I have most of my schools picked, and I tried to pick a good variety. However, it might be helpful for everybody if we combine our knowledge a little bit here about what kinds of schools our GPAs and GRE scores could realistically get us into. Or, for the extra high achievers out there, what kind of schools might give you funding with your stats.

For example, I have a GPA of 3.94, GRE Scores of Verbal: 156, Quantitative: 156, and AW: 4.5.

What kinds of schools do those numbers match up with? What schools have people who previously applied with similar stats been accepted to? I know so much more goes into the graduate decision process, but our numbers are the most tangible things all of us have!

I've scoured EdFind, but there are SO MANY schools it's been overwhelming to try and look through them all.

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I'm interested to see responses, but idk how easy it is to "match up" since, like you said, numbers are just a part of the decision process. I'm sure there are a ton of people on these forums who applied to the same schools with similar stats, but not all of them got in simply because the rest of the application wasn't as strong. It could be a good starting point though for people who are struggling to decide on schools, since Edfind doesn't always have the data we're looking for...

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With a gpa like that I wouldn't be worried! haha but if you still are worried like @Chai Tea Latte said go to ASHA EDfind and research schools and find what their "typical" applicant they accept scores are and gpa ranges. That's what helped me decided if I had a good chance of getting into the certain school or not. 

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