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  1. oh ok..good luck with that. I just declined the U of A offer.
  2. I will let Alberta know tomorrow that I'm declining so hopefully that frees up a spot for you! Strange that Carleton hasn't offered funding. I was under the impression that all Canadian PhDs are funded.
  3. I have the same question as well. Different schools have different deadlines and I'm still waiting to hear from two programs but the deadlines of the other offers are coming up soon. I've already asked for an extension so I don't know how much I can stretch it further. If I accept and then get a better offer a few weeks later, is it acceptable to send an e-mail with an explanation?
  4. I applied to two DPhil programs- Politics (Jan 6th) and Area Studies (Jan 20th). I already heard from Area Studies that they are moving my application to the March deadline so probably won't hear from them for a couple of more months. Last Friday marked 10 weeks for the Politics application but I still haven't heard anything from them :S Not sure what to make out of it. I asked for an extension for all the other offers I have at the moment but I don't have too much time. Hopefully this week there will be some news!!!
  5. As a matter of fact, I did! My McGill package was a lot more competitive. I also sent them U of A's which was equally as good but they didn't even mention it once..hahaha. They have informally agreed to hiking it up to match McGill's but I'm waiting for them to re-send the official letter before I accept.
  6. I'm in exactly the same situation as you. The comforting factor is that both schools A and B are top schools. Of course, the situation would be a lot different if school B wasn't as reputable. Other than that, so much of the experience is in your own hands too. The way I rationalize my choice of School B is that I'd like to have my partner around for the next 5-6 years of intense grad life. In the end, I'll need support when I'm trying to excel and having that person next to you gives you exactly that (if the person is "the" one as others posted above). Being challenged and being away from your SO at the same time can be a little daunting in my opinion. Younger PIs sometimes try harder with students because they are still trying to strive for that tenure position and aren't necessarily as jaded (hahaha). The collegiality with younger faculty can sometimes be a positive factor in your experience. Good luck to you!
  7. Trying to see if I can revive this threat. Any news from this year's applicants?
  8. Any news from those on the waitlist? Any final decisions?
  9. Both are excellent programs for me and a great fit. I probably would've picked McGill to be able to live in Montreal because I've heard it's a great place. But my husband is a doctor and Montreal has language requirements so it'll be hard for him to work there. I would like to have him around going through an intense and grueling PhD program and Toronto isn't bad at all.
  10. I'm almost accepting. It's between McGill and Toronto but Toronto is winning so far.
  11. Certainly! A financial offer like that doesn't really offer much "peace of mind" which arguably, is so important when you're planning to dedicate many years of your life to an intense program and actually try and excel in it. Alas! The things you'd do to follow your passion Are you a current U of T Masters student? Could you please share some more details about the program, especially for PhD students. Thanks a lot!
  12. Yes, I got the official letter late on Friday. In absolutely terms, the funding is better than other schools but it includes tuition which is double of most universities. So what you get in your hand is quite a bit less than what other universities are offering. I have 2 other offers that are considerably better than what Toronto is offering. Not sure what to do now since as it stands, Toronto is my first choice but you can barely survive on what they're offering :S
  13. Yes..This is what I got in the e-mail: "I know I had contacted you earlier about doing Skype interviews, but the Graduate Studies Committee has decided that in order to increase our chances of recruiting our very top-ranked applicants to the doctoral program, we should make a select number of offers that skip that step." I am likely declining this.
  14. Anyone heard back from Toronto? They said they'll send out funding details today but haven't hear anything yet. Also claiming a U of Alberta offer.
  15. Thank you. Just got an informal offer from Toronto too. Literally got into every school other than the one I really wanted to but oh well..can't really complain. Have you heard back from UBC?