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  1. Congrats Audi101 and Emma T! Best of luck
  2. Wow your resume is really impressive! Thanks for letting me know
  3. Congrats embenAUD! Best of luck at Dalhousie in September! Do you mind sharing your volunteering experience?
  4. Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed a spot opens up!
  5. Congrats AudMusic! Good luck! I am still waiting on my letter, is April 7th the last day those offered admission have to accept? I was also wondering if the letter indicated the waitlist ranking at all? Thank you!
  6. Congrats! Good luck!
  7. Hey! I also applied to UBC and was waitlisted. I just ended up emailing Sue and she told me
  8. Has anyone heard from ubc?
  9. congrats to everyone wait listed at Dalhousie! Has anyone heard from UBC yet? still waiting..
  10. Congratulations!! Good luck
  11. Not yet.. still waiting :s
  12. I know same.. I'm hoping that the other aspects of my application can compensate