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  1. If anyone is going to UBC this fall and want to room together, please contact me!! We can find a place together :)) Congrats to everyone getting into audiology! I’m excited for all of you!
  2. Hey! What is the word/character count is the letter of intent? I'm not applying this year but I'm looking to apply next year! I wish everyone the best of luck in your applications! Can't wait to see when you guys succeed
  3. Thanks, Nadine! That makes more sense. I ended up speaking to them about my situation with the minor, and they said it really depends on the application as a whole and that it shouldn't be a deciding factor. That makes me feel a lot better!
  4. Hey guys! When you're talking about GPA, are you talking about your overall GPA or GPA from the last 20 courses? Do they look into your overall GPA at all? As well, I've very recently decided I really want to minor in Linguistics, and am taking a bunch of first, second, and third year Linguistics courses in my final years to meet the criteria (I'm in a B.Sc. Psychology program). Does anyone know if the course levels in your final years affect the application? Would they think that I'm trying to take a lighter course load?
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