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  1. I got into schools with similar GRE and GPA scores as that. But I volunteered a lot as well.
  2. Hey everyone, I got accepted to the Audiology program at Western and was looking for a roommate. Please message me if you are interested in sharing a place.
  3. If anyone is going to Western next year please feel free to message me. I would love to get to know people before classes start.
  4. You never know someone could drop out last minute and they would need to fill the spot. I've heard of people getting accepted a week before a program starts. But good luck next year, message me if you ever have any questions about the program or whatever ☺
  5. How many applicants applied last year? And did you do more volunteering or improve your grades to get waitlisted this year?
  6. Also on Western's waiting list. I got accepted to an American school but, I'm really not sure I can afford it.
  7. I've also been waitlisted at Western. My gpa is also lower than the average and I've done no research, so have hope people ☺
  8. What interview day did you guy's have? Mine was February 17th
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