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  1. Hey! I got an email a few days ago that I'm on the waitlist. I wouldn't give up hope though. The email was personalized so maybe they are just slow going sending each individual one out! I haven't heard from anyone else that has been waitlisted or accepted to UBC yet so I'm sure they are still in the process of sending them out!
  2. I've just received an email that I've been waitlisted for UBC's audiology program so they must be sending out acceptances today!
  3. Just received an email that I have been waitlisted at UBC!
  4. UBC says early april, I don't think they have sent anything out yet. Hopefully soon!
  5. Good luck to everyone who applied at Western!!
  6. Hi guys! I've applied to UBC and I am sooo nervous waiting to hear back!! I have a lot of audiology experience (volunteer at a not-for-profit helping low income Deaf and hard of hearing individuals as well as working as an assistant in an audiology clinic for about 6 months and some job shadowing) but I'm nervous about my GPA. I think I have about a 3.70 on UBC's 4.33 scale (about 80%) average in my last two years. I did a biology degree for my undergrad and some of those hard science courses did a number on my GPA. It seems like this program is just so competitive but it's so excitin
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