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  1. I, unfortunately was not accepted. For those who were accepted or waitlisted, congratulations, you should be proud!!! Just a heads up, for SLP, if you are waitlisted, you can email Janet and she will tell you what quadrant you are in on the waitlist, but nothing else! I'm assuming it's the same for audiology, but I could be wrong!
  2. For those who got into U of T, do you mind sharing your stats? Congratulations to everyone who got accepted, you should be proud of yourselves To those who were unsuccessful this year, you should also be proud because you worked your ass off DURING A PANDEMIC!!! God has a plan for every one of you and you will get to where you want to be!!!
  3. It was not that late last year for SLP...I got my emails from both U of T and Western right when I woke up that morning. I really hope it doesn't come out that late as my patience won't last that long hahah I'll be calling both universities if I don't hear sooner LOL (jk). I hope I see you in the fall!
  4. This is a long shot, but I was wondering if those who applied and/or waitlisted and were accepted at Western or U of T this past fall could share some of their stats? This is my second time applying....last year I was put on the waitlist at Western, but did not end up getting accepted. I was also rejected from Toronto. Any help would definitely ease my stress and (lack-there-of) patience lol congrats to those who got in!!
  5. Do you know for sure if Western has 100? I know it's been an assumption tossed around since there are four quadrants, but from what I have heard plus what Janet has said in the past, they don't give out information about waitlists beyond what quadrant we are in. I'm just curious - this waiting game is not fun and it's testing my patience hahah I wish you all the best with your applications!
  6. I was wondering how everyone was doing that haha thanks! I applied to McMaster, Western, UofT, and McGill
  7. Thanks I hope so!! I emailed Janet and she told me I was in quadrant 4, which I know is pretty far down the line 😕 I just want to know if I have a shot- I cannot wait to be SLP and just want to get started!! Where did you apply?
  8. I currently have a sub-GPA of 3.58, but a GPA of 3.38....will schools like Western and U of T, who, from what I have seen, focus more on the sub-GPA or GPA? I am getting a little bit nervous and impatient so I just want some advice. I am applying for the second time and last year I made it onto the waitlist at Western. Does anyone know how much being on the waitlist means for a second-timer like me? Good luck to everyone applying, I hope I get to meet some of you in the future!!
  9. Hey everyone. I had trouble finding an Audiology forum for Canadian universities so I decided to make one myself! I am from Newfoundland and originally I was only going to apply to SLP programs, but I figured out that I had all the pre-reqs for Western's AUDI program so I thought I would apply there Ideally, I would like to become an SLP, but an audiologist is tied for first as well so either one I would be quite please about! Good luck to everyone!!
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