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  1. Just wanted to comment since I also considered doing a CDA program last year as a back-up. From what I know, any college-level courses and/or diplomas/degrees would not be counted toward your GPA for an SLP program. These programs are great for experience and for your own personal professional gain as you enter the field but any grades and academic references still have to be university level, at least for the schools I looked into. Not trying to discourage you at all, please don't take this post the wrong way, I've heard of many people taking the CDA to SLP route and being happy and successfu
  2. I don't think it matters. As long as you can provide proof of a completed degree by the end of June and meet any minimum grades for any pending prerequisite courses I don't think they look at any other grades other than the ones you were required to submit. I would also assume that any school that extends an offer letter will let you know what you need to do.
  3. Hi all, Random question.. I've seen people say in this thread and in previous years say that Western's program has a "paediatric focus" so I'm curious if anyone could shed some light into why this might be? As far as I understand, all the programs have the same number of hours per service area that must be completed as part of their program so I'm wondering how it would be possible to have a specific focus on one area more than others? Not sure if it has something to do with the on-site clinic or not. Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on this I'd be happy to hear them
  4. Sooo I noticed some people starting to post their stats and experience on here and I can anticipate some of us are going to start getting a little freaked out and even more nervous as deadlines for offers are going to start approaching soon. I just want to remind everyone to keep their heads up! Others having stellar GPAs or much more experience does not discount your hard work and dedication! I know it's so easy to start comparing your own stats against everyone else's but trust me when I say it does not help. I think it's great that so many people have come together to share in this experien
  5. Super easy and straight forward! I got like ~95 in the course when the stats course in the math department I probably would have failed. I also found it more relevant for SLP purposes, especially it's focus on how to examine different elements of a study vs spending weeks on probability.
  6. Hey :) I've been around this block a couple of times haha so maybe I can offer some input. First of all, a 3.72 is a sGPA to be proud of so please don't forget all the work you put in to get yourself to this point! Since this is the first application year that's a bit unusual because of COVID, many of us are expecting GPA to play a bigger role than in past years BUT please remember many of these programs still look at more than that area of your application when they consider you. Many people speak about averages of accepted classes being around 3.7-3.8 usually, but remember this is not a mini
  7. It's the subGPA consisting of your last 20 credits, including any you've taken outside of your degree. Last two years of full-time study, give or take.
  8. From what I know it's somewhere around 30 to 32 students. It's a similar cohort size to the McMaster program.
  9. Hey You get the prompt (either video or text) then it gives you 30 seconds to gather your thoughts and immediately moves onto the page with the 3 questions and the 5 minute timer begins. I've written multiple times and it is nerve-wracking and stressful every single time haha, so just do your best! My best advice is to just remember that each section is a fresh start and to do your best to not let any frustration from the previous question carry over.
  10. They will be released some time in the first week or two of February usually. You'll be able to see the calculations in your application under "document tracking" or one of the other areas. They don't send out a notification for this, you just have to check back
  11. It might be worth asking through SAM and maybe asking for permission to provide a past syllabus? If the prerequisite is listed as approved at the schools you are applying to, maybe providing a department course list website link and a copy of the syllabus is sufficient. I've never had any issue with this so take this with a grain of salt, but I definitely think the application office itself is the best place to find an answer. No sense leaving it to chance if it's a prerequisite!
  12. Hey, It's all university-level courses including any you are will be finished at the end of this fall semester counting backwards for a total of 20 (a full year course counts as 2). Someone posted a grade scale above so you can use that to add up the GPA for your last 20 courses and then divide by 20 to get subGPA. Any undergrad years that are dipped into but not used entirely will be averaged.
  13. For Ontario schools you just need to have submitted a transcript request within your application by the application deadline. Any transcripts coming from schools outside of Ontario or internationally need to be received by ORPAS (either via an approved electronic distribution centre or paper mail) by January 30th.
  14. Yeah I don't think so either.. they don't give any further instructions so I don't even know why they included it this year
  15. Hey! I've taken a few So you order your transcripts form the myAU homepage and enter the address from the ORPAS website. It's an address in Guelph.. something on Research Lane I believe. You can find it on the website under the transcripts section. Now I wish I had an exact answer for you about how long it took, but I can't be certain! I want to say that I got the transcript within a week, and I've never had it expressed shipped or couriered so that was through regular mail. I live in Toronto so one thing I did was actually have a transcript mailed to myself to see how long it took.
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