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  1. She replied saying it's full yesterday
  2. Yes the class for Audiology at Western is full and so is the SLP class at Western too.
  3. She told me the class is full
  4. anyone from the waitlist received an offer for aud at western?
  5. Janet said there's over 40 ppl on the waitlist this year 😕
  6. congrats! Let us know what you decide to do :))
  7. Im sorry to hear that Thanks for the info. Best of luck in the future ❤️
  8. They wont contact people till late april. Im actually gonna lose my mind 😫😫😫 are you still gonna email her?
  9. They sent out an automated email. We wont know our place in the waitlist at all
  10. Mine says the same thing UGH! Im so confused
  11. I got put on the waitlist. It says "waitlist accepted" not too sure what that means. The uncertainty is killing me
  12. Good luck guys!! Let us know what happens :))
  13. i've heard from other forums they update your status on Western's student portal at midnight (if you activated ur student number). ORPAS updates the next day i believe. Not 100% sure tho! I'm waiting up 😬😬😬
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