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  1. If you could show the rest of your stats, that would help put your situation in context
  2. Awesome, thank you! The paperwork I received from the school allows me to select (at least it seems) J1 or F1 and then has requirements for each of those listed. All of my funding is coming from the school (tuition waiver, yearly stipend that exceeds cost of living, and health insurance) and is guaranteed for the duration of the degree. So it sounds like, as long as the school is willing to sponsor as you said, I should be ok! Do you know if people ever switch over from F1 to J1? At this point in time, I'm not 100% sure if my spouse would need the working rights I would have for him with J1, but it's a possibility down the road. So I guess I'm wondering if it's safer to get the J1 and have that in place and deal with the potential downfalls of a J1 (2 year return clause, for example) . Or if people sometimes begin as F1 and then are able to switch to J1 part way through?
  3. Thank you so much for your reply, this is super helpful! My reason for asking is exactly what you highlighted: I would want to consider a J visa so my spouse has the ability to work. I'll send you my questions in a private message if that's ok!
  4. Hi there, I've received my acceptance package from Harvard recently, and there is some information about visas (I also looked at their website information). It says some students are on J1s, some students are on F1s, but it's unclear how you would know which one would be your visa. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what would put one in the J1 or F1 camp?
  5. I think it's anyone in GSAS, since it seems to be a GSAS-hosted event?
  6. I probably will be!
  7. Anyone know when we might hear back from MIT Brain and Cog Sciences?
  8. I think, as said above, this March 15th deadline is likely a request because they're holding a waitlist. Columbia told us in the interview weekend that programs will ask for these earlier decisions because they're holding a waitlist and wana try and move it by eliminating people that are going to accept elsewhere. They told us they would do this (they did, they also asked us to decide in March and followed up with a few emails as well), but they also told us that no accredited program can force you to decide/rescind your offer before April 15th.
  9. Total aside, but which program did you like better, Harvard BBS or Harvard MCO? Just wanted to pick your brain since you interviewed at/got in to both
  10. I didn't hear back from 2/9 schools, so there are certainly some silent schools out there!
  11. EXACTLY.
  12. Agree!
  13. I just wanted to let you know that I just got in to Harvard with a 3.2 undergrad GPA (and a 4.0 MSc GPA). And I'm an international applicant It happens! You are not doomed I'm not on an adcom committee, so it's hard for me to say what aspects of my package offset my low UGPA, so I'll just give you everything: -MSC in Biomedical Sciences at a top international institution (2 years 80% research, 20% coursework, full thesis) graduated with 4.0 and highest distinction -2 years of research at a top institution after the MSc (in the USA) -5 publications (none from undergrad), two first-author, none in any insane journals, but a few in mid-tier journals -High GRE (>90th percentile in all sections) -some unique extracurricular activities -Killer reference letters, one from an influential and highly-respected person in my field of interest Please feel free to message me if you wana talk in more detail about anything Did you apply to any programs this year, or are you planning for next cycle? Perhaps it's the extra degree I obtained to show I could do well in school, but whatever it was your UGPA will not hold you back if you don't let it! You've got the GRE scores, you've got good letters of recommendation, you've got your name on a high-impact paper and it sounds like you've got some solid undergrad experience. Perhaps a one year program or MSc will seal the deal in showing an adcom at a top-tier institute that you're academically capable, but you might not even need to do that for many programs. I overshot and really tried to compensate for my UGPA for several years before I threw down my applications for big programs, and it paid off! But perhaps all those years weren't required to score me a spot at a good school. At any rate, your "low" UGPA isn't going to hold you back!
  14. Just saw this, thought it sounded awesome for those out there considering post-bach programs before grad school. Full stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance, housing access as well! https://good-university.com/2017/02/01/department-of-brain-and-cognitive-sciences-launches-post-baccalaureate-program/
  15. I just pulled out of my interview, so maybe you were on a waitlist?