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  1. luz.colorada

    Laptops for Historians

    I'm not going to weigh in because I know nothing about computers and just have a MacBook Air (which has served me well throughout my MA), but in terms of money to replace old laptops I think it's at least typical to be able to purchase laptops more cheaply through the school. I've never heard of anyone getting money from the department to replace a laptop, but I know many friends that have bought computers through their universities for a few hundred less. That's always something to check out before purchasing one!
  2. luz.colorada

    Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC

    Does anyone have recommendations for neighborhoods about a 10-15 minute drive from Duke's east campus where I could rent an affordable 2-bedroom? I have noticed that prices drop significantly once you are no longer within walking distance, which I'm ok with. I don't want to be too far away, ideally under a 20 minute drive.
  3. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    No, I did not go to UMN, butI have seen him present! I just noticed your name and assumed you were a Latin Americanist. He's really just an amazing professor and researcher!
  4. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    Luis Campos is amazing!
  5. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    That's great! It's nice that you have a funded option that will give you mobility to switch schools for the PhD.
  6. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    Do you know about funding at the two schools you're considering for your MA? Unless it would involve going into debt, I would suggest not doing an MA and PhD at the same place you're doing your undergrad. I just feel the need to chime in since professors at your current school are obviously excited that you might continue on, but some intellectual diversity is usually desired. Could you do the MA at your current school and a PhD somewhere else or do you think you'd burn bridges that way?
  7. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    Did anyone else here apply to Michigan's joint Women's Studies/ History PhD?
  8. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    Hahahaha no, it really isn't more dangerous than any other city.
  9. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    MA decisions usually come out way later so don't get anxious just yet! I am finishing my MA up at UMD if you're curious about the D.C. area.
  10. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    I applied to Cornell and Princeton my first application season and I received email updates, not portal changes.
  11. luz.colorada

    Lessons Learned: Application Season Debriefings

    I want to reiterate what someone said above which was definitely apply to MA programs. My first cycle I got rejected from all the PhDs I applied to but am now finishing my MA and have been accepted to all the programs I've heard back from so far. I expect some rejections, of course, but this has been a very different experience. I know many people on this forum have applied multiple times, so if the first round doesn't turn out as you hope it will then don't let that stop you. Having an MA or two as a backup plan is a good idea. If you don't end up needing it, great!
  12. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    It depends. I think if you do get a personal email from someone you haven't spoken with it's generally a good sign that your application needs some tweaking but that you are a strong candidate. I had a few personal rejections last time from people that I had no prior contact with, and while it was upsetting to be rejected it was very encouraging in many ways.
  13. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    @Karou @gorgogliante I'll also be attending! Looking forward to meeting the prospective cohort.
  14. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    I wouldn't worry until you get the "other things." I'm not an expert per say, but a close friend of mine was accepted to 3 programs last year and I just received two acceptances myself. The first one mentioned the first year of funding and said I'd learn more later, and the second one didn't mention funding for a week. My friend had a similar experience. Some schools just said "we will fund you for 5 years" but didn't say what that would look like for a few weeks.
  15. luz.colorada

    Applications 2019

    That really depends on the program. Were you admitted to one with no mention of funding?

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