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    Fulbright/MFA in Poetry
  2. Feeling really down about this Alternate status. My professors and the Fulbright advisor at my school have been encouraging and just angels following this bad news, but it's still rough. I applied for 10 things this year (7 grad schools, Fulbright, Jet, and Tapif). I've been rejected from 8, alternate at 1, and waiting to hear back from the last (and I don't even WANT it at this point!). Life goes on, but man, this is a bitter pill to swallow! sending good luck vibes to other alternates, and hey, if you got a grant to Malaysia that you don't want, feel free to pass it this way lol
  3. Got my email-- alternate darn it.
  4. THIS IS SO RELATABLE I'm working at a summer camp, so I'm covered through the end of August. After that, which continent will I live on? We don't know!
  5. We discussed this maybe a page before your comment, if you want to go back and see more answers. I, unlike @mckenna81, did disclose that I applied for Fulbright and am waiting to hear back. I only told jobs once I made it to the interview phase, and if I was specifically prompted with the question of what else I'm applying for. It has worked well for me, my top choice position has decided that they're not hiring anyone until I hear back from Malaysia (no pressure), which makes me think I'll have the job if I don't have the grant. If I was applying for places that I wouldn't go back to in the future after Fulbright is done, I wouldn't tell them, and I'd just decline the offer if it came once I got the Fulbright. However, because I know the organizations I'm applying to are places I want to be at some point, I'm trying to be fully open with them and it is going well. Just a second perspective, no clue if what I'm doing is /right/ or whatever! Congrats on being an Alternate! That's really stellar, and my fingers are crossed for you that you'll move right up, and into Japan
  6. Fingers crossed!!!!
  7. I applied for a job I really, really want and told them during the interview that I am also a semi-finalist got Fulbright. I told them that if I get the grant, I will take it, but if I am an alternate or do not get the grant, I would love to work for them. I assured them that, should I sign a contract with them, I will honor that contract (even if I am an alternate and later pulled up from the list, I would then turn down the grant). They were really happy with this, and I believe they're holding off on making a decision on the new hire until I hear from Fulbright and let them know.
  8. For a specific country/region, or just in general? (fricken Malaysia notifying in mid-April, come onnnnn!!! Tell me where I'm living next year!!!!)
  9. Maybe someone already asked this, but ETAs, what made you apply to your specific country? I assume research grants let the research lead the location in part, but if you didn't have that anchoring your application, why'd you chose to try to go live somewhere? I chose Malaysia after my research project for Nepal was not pulling together. My choice was very, very random, but the more I dug into what it'd be like to live there, the more I felt like it fit me. I was initially looking for ETA positions without a language requirement or that required French, and Malaysia fit the bill. Then I looked into KL's growing art scene, the structure of the program, and other things that took me from "well, it's not the grant I wanted to Nepal...." to "this is actually perfect for me and my life's ambition What's your story?
  10. Woah, big day for notifications! Congrats to all who got that blessed P, congrats also to alternates (you still have a shot! and you made it so far!), and best wishes to those who didn't get it this year <333
  11. !!!! I'm writing my thesis for college on the Jewish Museum Berlin and I'm looking at a lot at memorials in Germany and how they represent the Holocaust. A year to study that would be so cool! I hope it's fruitful for you!
  12. Congrats to both of you!!!!!!
  13. I haven't called them, but the sheer force of my will is going to result in Malaysia notifications one day soon
  14. I haven't gotten that one yet!!! Is it actually any good? I was worried it was just gimmicky. I did get a skinfood mask that I adore Haven't tried the belif line, but I'm in the market for a toner and eye cream if theirs are any good!
  15. Oh man, this also. Let's not talk about how much fried food I've ingested. Better than the wait for MFA rejections, though! Someone in the MFA applicants community got a rumor started that eating pizza would yield good juju and result in an acceptance phone call. I ate more pizza in a month than I had for the last 21 years lol. No luck, sadly.