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  1. I love how a side discussion on Peanut Butter emerged on this thread, which I'm reading while spooning blobs of PB into my face hole.
  2. Well this thread is quite intimidating. So many Ivy level schools. I'll be heading to Baylor in the fall. Good Luck to everyone!
  3. @Herringk Thanks! This was definitely helpful.
  4. Regarding looking for a good program, I would look for schools with faculty that are researching ageing/longevity. Its a relatively niche field imo, so it shouldn't be too hard to narrow down your list. Then depending on which departments these faculty are attached to you will be able to select the specific program. I honestly don't think any of these fields are any less competitive than the other. The only advice I would give is take a good look at your research background and work/academics and see which area you have the most prior experience in. You would probably have a better chance at getting into one of those that fit your background and future interests. You should do a PhD if a career in research or academia is your goal. If you are not sure about this a masters would be ideal, if you can get full or partial funding to do one. (or if money is not an issue) Otherwise I would recommend working as a research assistant in a lab to get a taste of the field. Good luck!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Hi all. Looking for some wardrobe advice for a male for a Skype interview. It's with a university in texas if that makes a difference. Will an office shirt suffice? Tie or no tie? Shave or trim my beard? (Basically look like a toddler or stereotypical terrorist) thanks!
  7. Don't lose hope guys, I applied to 13 schools over 2 cycles, and I got rejected by 12. After consistently inquiring about my application the last one took another look at my application and decided to offer me an interview. Be persistent. It will eventually pay off.
  8. Just in general compared to other non-tier 1 universities/ non-ivys.
  9. Hey guys, has anyone heard back from University of Utah as yet? I see only a couple of responses on the results page. Also, I would like to know what the opinion of this school is within the US. I am an international, and a lot of the time have to gauge reputation by various rankings.
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. Cleared my doubts. Hopefully the info will be useful to others as well.
  11. International student here. Applied to 5 schools this cycle. Got rejections from 3 from feb-now. Still waiting to hear back from the last 2.
  12. I'm sorry my username offended you, no need to be so toxic. I created the profile at a low point hence the pessimistic name. I am an international student with average stats, (3.5GPA, >80th percentile GREs, top 100 university in most world rankings) and I tend to apply to very competitive programs as personally doesn't feel worth it to me to make all the sacrifices to go to a school that I am not happy with. Unfortunately this has led to many a rejection. I'd rather keep working as an RA until I build up the research background to go somewhere I would be happy with. P.S I haven't had the chance to interview with the US but every other professor I have interviewed with in other countries have supported my applications and/or offered me jobs.
  13. Hi Guys! Now that the GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Test has been discontinued, do you think universities expect students to sit exams in either Biology or Chemistry, or are subject tests just not important at all when it comes to the application process? Anyone with some insight on this new change?
  14. Hi Everyone. Just wanted to find out how many international students have heard any good news, bad news or are still waiting to hear anything from schools this cycle. So far I got rejections from UNC-BBSP and UMMS(Worcester). Still waiting to hear anything back from UVa, U of Utah and Baylor College of Medicine.
  15. Thanks Lycaon pictus !