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  1. @Tea3A I applied to Masters programs only and my profile does not meet all the conditions @nevermind laid out. I have already been admitted to one. I think that they want to see that you are a high achieving student who will do well in graduate studies with a demonstrated interest in the area, realizing that there are restrictions based on available opportunities (for example my undergrad did not offer Arabic).... at least that is what I am telling myself! In any case we will have our answers in a few weeks. Best of luck and do let us know! I applied to the NYU and Columbia programs, did you?
  2. Thanks! I applied to the AM Master in Middle Eastern Studies program.
  3. Sounds like I am the only person applying to Masters programs so far but just to give an update: I was accepted to UT-Austin yesterday and rejected from Harvard today....two very predictable results! I am very relieved that I have some news to go on now
  4. I see everyone talking about being in contact with professors, emailing them as potential advisers, ect. and I was wondering if that is only recommended for PhD candidates? Should masters students do this too? Also what does POI stand for? thanks
  5. I messed up the spelling of one of my recommender's names on one of my applications.... and I'm sure she saw it as well as the school. It wasn't even a difficult name! **face palm**
  6. Hi tt_! I was hoping that someone would resurrect this thread. Congrats on U Chicago! I've been creeping around for a few months and finally decided to make an account. I'm applying to masters programs at GWU, UT - Austin, NYU, U Chicago, Georgetown, Columbia, and Harvard. Have not heard from any of them but I guess it is still early for masters. Anyone else, sound off?