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  1. funding offer delay-- is this normal?

    @TakeruK Thanks for the reply. This all makes sense. I just declined offer #3, so good to get that out of the way. I am going to wait a few more days then ask for an update, I think that I have waited long enough that it won't seem like I'm pestering them. Holding onto hope that the extra time means they have been putting together a great package for me LOL!
  2. Question for all you wise people: I received an offer of admission from a school on Feb 16th that did not mention funding. I emailed the program coordinator to ask about funding and she said that funding decisions were still being made and that I could expect to hear from them about what kind of funding the could offer me in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I have heard from all my other schools, and this school is in my top 2. Should I take this to mean that they are not offering me funding? should I bother them again? I want to be able to make my decision and I need this information in order to do so. This is from a huge school so maybe there are administrative delays and I should just be patient? thoughts?
  3. Well that is about it for me folks. I have come out the other side with 3 nice choices (2 nice offers) to choose from. While I am technically still waiting for one more response, I am pretty sure it is a reject (a whole complicated story where I am not sure if they have really accepted my application or not and they won't tell me). Best of luck to everyone, I really think this is an important field and I am glad to meet other people who agree. Now to decide between UChicago and UT-Austin....
  4. NYU Masters is an unfunded program. In the admit letter they linked to a bunch of possible scholarships.... I will very likely decline. Good Luck!
  5. @tt_ For Chicago CMES what percentage of students in that program go on to PhD's vs out into the professional world? Would you say that the program is more directed towards one or the other? Also I just heard from NYU so those decisions are going out!
  6. I was just admitted to UChicago as well
  7. @BeeKayCee and @Alan.N Congrats on U Chicago! I also applied to that program and have heard nothing.....
  8. Austin, TX

    ahh sorry i am allergic to cats. best of luck!
  9. Austin, TX

    Hi there! I will likely be looking for a roommate in Austin in August. What kind of pets do you have?
  10. Columbia Accidental Acceptance???

    Well they did not end up going to grad school, but that was for the best. They have a great career now in the film industry. Everything works out in the end.... we hope!
  11. need to kill time.... So what is everyone's focus area / specialty?
  12. Columbia Accidental Acceptance???

    That happened to my best friend a few years ago. Applied to to a school, got an 'accidental acceptance' letter, the school waited a full TWO WEEKS to issue a correction. It broke their poor little heart. The fact that this happens at all makes me so nervous about any offer I get too... talk about fuel for impostor syndrome. Hang in there team.
  13. @Tea3A I applied to Masters programs only and my profile does not meet all the conditions @nevermind laid out. I have already been admitted to one. I think that they want to see that you are a high achieving student who will do well in graduate studies with a demonstrated interest in the area, realizing that there are restrictions based on available opportunities (for example my undergrad did not offer Arabic).... at least that is what I am telling myself! In any case we will have our answers in a few weeks. Best of luck and do let us know! I applied to the NYU and Columbia programs, did you?
  14. Thanks! I applied to the AM Master in Middle Eastern Studies program.
  15. Sounds like I am the only person applying to Masters programs so far but just to give an update: I was accepted to UT-Austin yesterday and rejected from Harvard today....two very predictable results! I am very relieved that I have some news to go on now