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  1. Yay that would be great! I know, I should have booked immediately but I invited my mom who contemplated for like an entire week and then when prices went up neither of us could afford it. It was my fault for not giving her a deadline and I really just wanted her to go to Wahlburgers with me
  2. It's good that they understand! I just emailed him today to let him know. I'm currently trying to save, too, so I was going back and forth about what I could do with the money spent just for the weekend lol
  3. That's probably what I'll have to do, but it's good to know they're willing to put you in touch with someone! I'm super bummed because I want to physically be there but I guess it happens
  4. Thank you! That info helped. Hopefully I'm able to go because now I'm just more excited to see what it's about!
  5. Is anyone attending the admitted students day on March 25th? I'm debating because tickets from Austin are so expensive and I waited too long so prices went up. Is it like a bad look to not attend? I'm really curious about the program and want to go, just don't know if I can afford a ticket just to go for a day.
  6. I also haven't heard from UMD or GWU so I've kind of given up lol I was really hoping to move to the area though. I love DC and I have an aunt in Alexandria so I could have stayed near somewhere near a familiar face lol
  7. Yeah I'm definitely liking it right now. I had to survive off the school computer lab for a few months so I definitely don't mind having to do that again if something is not compatible with it! It's also super lightweight which is a plus if you're having to commute by bus or walking across a decent size campus
  8. Hi! During my interview I asked this and they said some of their faculty is staying in Abilene and some will be going to Dallas (and I assume they'll be hiring some people) so it'll still be a normal classroom experience. She didn't mention it being streamed from Abilene so I'm hoping I didn't misunderstand but I know it's definitely meeting in a classroom and not completely online! I'm excited to see other acceptances too! I like that the practicums were all in Dallas because I feel it gives us a lot of opportunity
  9. I had a Dell 1500(?) that was pretty big but light and was pretty affordable. I had SALT and Praat on there from previous classes and they both ran smoothly but then it got shattered in a car accident so now I have a chromebook. I wasn't thinking long term when I bought it but I know Praat is compatible, no idea if SALT is. I like it but it runs solely on Google Chrome and everything saves to Google Drive. That's fine with me because I primarily use that for everything anyways but I definitely wish I would have understood before buying it and thought I would share just in case anyone else doesn't thoroughly research things like I probably should
  10. Me too!
  11. Yay! I'm excited! So far I'm choosing between ACU and MGH and Dallas is just a lot closer to home than Boston so that's what I'm leaning towards. Nice to see someone else accepted!
  12. Congrats! Which campus did you get accepted to? I was accepted to Dallas!
  13. I honestly think you just never know with this field. I was accepted at MGH but rejected at Baylor and UTEP which surprised me for multiple reasons. My GRE was okay (V: 154 A: 153 W: 4.0) but I had a lower end GPA for this field, so I didn't think it helped to offset that much. I did have amazing professors write my letters, though, and I only assume they were wonderful. I also had a year of research experience with children with Autism and also helped out with the same professors camp for young adults with Autism, as well as a camp for Deaf and HOH children. I had also volunteered with aphasic adults and as a reading buddy at an "at-risk" elementary school, and I was assistant director for my school's Dance Marathon. So I'm not saying I'm a horrible candidate, but it definitely wasn't my numbers that got me in. Literally, ALL of your stats look incredible to me and I think you'll have no problem getting in to school. I almost didn't apply to MGH because I thought my numbers weren't good enough and one of my professors told me that there are always students who they think are a shoe-in to xyz school who end up getting denied and those who you would think have no chance who end up getting in, so to just apply to schools I wanted to go to and the right one will like me as a candidate just as I am and weirdly I got into the one school I thought I was delusional to apply to. I think you have great chances to get in and I wish you luck with your top choice!
  14. I heard back from Baylor, but it was a rejection! I'm also waiting on UTD I was waitlisted at NYU and accepted at MGH. Waiting to hear from UTD, UTEP, UMD, GWU, and Portland State. I'm very unsure what it means that I haven't heard from UMD yet. I've been assuming it's a rejection and since I have one acceptance I'm not as upset, but I'm just curious as to why I haven't heard either way yet
  15. that sounds like a good idea! I might reach out in a week or two when some time has passed but not too much. Thanks! and good luck to you too!