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  1. Can the person who got the Auburn acceptance PM me? Who was your POI/did you go to the regular interview or the alternate? Thanks! Congrats!
  2. I don't know, sorry. I found the same thing when I looked back. I do know, though, that the POI I spoke with before applying said they had reorganized the department and admissions, so it's possible that previous year data isn't reliable anymore.
  3. I emailed the admin a while back and he said interview invites would be extended by Feb 10, and final decisions would be made by mid-March. I haven't heard anything else, so assuming rejection based on no interview.
  4. I need an operational definition of soon.
  5. Anyone want to claim the Boston epi acceptance? Congrats!
  6. There haven't been any posts since last night for any discipline, as far as I can tell.
  7. @GreenEyedTrombonist I'm sorry to hear that all that is going on with your grandfather. I hope they can get his care sorted out soon. Hang in there!
  8. Totally with you on that. And do I want to work with some of these people?
  9. That is probably doable with one car, then. I'm sure she knows this already, but there are quite a few rural areas surrounding Charlottesville. Good luck! It's a cool place. Let me know if you have other specific questions.
  10. I grew up in Charlottesville, so my perspective is a bit different, but my experience is that walking/biking/public transit (busses) is great downtown/near UVA but outside of that area, it is a lot harder. I think one car is doable, but it definitely depends largely on where you live. Where will your spouse be commuting to?
  11. Also, has anyone heard from Auburn post-interview? The DCT mentioned we'd hear by the end of last week, but I didn't hear anything or see anything posted.
  12. Thanks! I'm finally starting to feel better. I finally went to the doctor a few days ago on the prodding of my fiancé. Hopefully the meds will knock it out soon. I hope your should feels better! Yeah, I ended up taking two sick days last week even though I'd been out for so much time already. I just need to rest. I hope this all calms down for you soon. I have to say, it was fun visiting the programs and meeting people, but I was so glad to be home.
  13. Definitely. I was so emotionally and physically exhausted from the interviewing and the traveling. Ultimately, I ended up with bronchitis, so hopefully you are staying well!
  14. This is basically what I did too. It's pretty short, only a couple sentences. I also added that if they had any more questions, to feel free to contact me.
  15. I'd like to vent about how I just found out that I have bronchitis. I probably had it while I was interviewing so now I'm worried I got all of my interviewers and hosts sick and they are going to reject me because of it. @Bibica now I want tacos.