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  3. Morre

    My master thesis as a writing sample?

    That is a good sample of the thesis as a master though if you ever need help from expert in writing so you can get from https://edubirdie.net/ which is such a useful website and using by many of our university students which you must try on
  4. MettaSutta

    Healthline & NAMI Stronger Scholarship

    Did anyone hear back? Website said results would be out today.
  5. alfredandozzie

    Am I Being Too Ambitious?

    Hi, I'm just looking for some realistic advice. I graduated this May with a BA in Art History and Anthropology. My long term goals are to become a curator, preferably for a mid-range college museum or gallery. I am looking to apply to grad school for Fall 2020 admission. I am in the fairly early stages of exploring programs though I have a pretty good idea of what I want from a program. I am focused on modern to contemporary art (basically 1960s onward). I haven't nailed down my specific geographic focus between African and Western so I am open to programs with focuses on both regions. I am leaning towards Western art simply because I am a white woman and the African art field seems to be flooded with people like me and that gives me pause. Regardless, the programs that appeal most to me are top ten to top 20 programs, however, I think it's important that I stay realistic with my goals so I don't end up wasting a bunch of time and money on programs that I have no chance of getting into. Essentially, I went to a low-level state school (in the UNC system) and had a really crappy first year so I ended up with a 3.3 overall GPA. Luckily I didn't discover Art History until my second year so my Art History GPA is 3.85. But I haven't really done any research outside of class and I didn't graduate with any form of honors. I do have 2.5 years of experience in the museum field and I am hoping to work or intern in the field during the intermittent year before I enter school. The majority of my experience is within registration however and I have no curatorial experience as of now. I haven't taken the GRE yet but I expect I will do well as I a fairly good at standardized tests. I know I have at least two very strong recommendation letters and a third that should also be fairly strong. The programs that really appeal to me are Williams, Columbia, Bard, NYU, CUNY, Tufts, and the University of Bologna has a very interesting program taught half in English and in French. The idea of completing a terminal MA prior to a PHD appeals to me for the chance to bump myself up a bit. Basically, how ambitious can I be? Sorry for the long read, I really hope someone gets back to me. Thanks in advance!
  6. ChristoWitch87

    HDS MTS no longer requires GRE. Thoughts?

    I think the GREs are most important for folks with low GPAs (to alleviate doubts about academic potential) and who convey commitment to using the MTS as a stepping stone to the Ph.D (to convey promise for future doctoral admissions). I speculate social justice/NGO/lay ministry types are evaluated more on what they have done and what they can contribute to the incoming class than numbers.
  7. Hello! I recently got off the waitlist for SFSU's master's program, and I'd really love some feedback from anyone who's attended the program! If you've attended it, could you please give me some thoughts on your experience? Specifically, I've heard several people mention that the department is somewhat disorganized, and I'd like to know if that has impacted you negatively. Thank you!
  8. Inf_emgPH

    I am a newbie. Please help me with a query.

    Thanks for taking your time to answer my query. I am passionate about infectious disease epi and ph emergency management. I am aware of the all of the vital info you provided. I do have work experience in infectious disease epi as well as a certification. My question was about how should I approach the PI whose works matches with my interest, once I have tailored my resume and planning on applying to a program? There are at most 2-3 PI that work on infectious disease epi at the schools I have narrowed down. So, I was thinking about the best way to contact them to find out if they are taking on new students (hence my original question). I am trying to avoid wasting my application $$ by just applying to those programs not knowing whether or not PI at those entities are taking new students. Thanks.
  9. pnwest

    University of Toronto MIRHR 2019 Forum

    Cool, thank you for sharing that!
  10. How do you imagine this will reflect on the admissions process? Also, considering that "applicants may submit GRE scores if they feel it would be a beneficial component to their application," in which circumstances do you reckon it would still be worth to study for GRE? Conversely, when would it be alright not to? Thanks!
  11. Adelaide9216

    Vanier 2018-2019

    Hello does any of you know when the direct deposits are usually made for Vanier? Should I expect it to come on the 1st of each month in my bank account or a little before or a few days after?
  12. PsyDGrad90

    GRE test dates advice

    It's really best to narrow your school selections by faculty interest match. That counts way more in the grand scheme of things than GRE scores.
  13. pocopoco

    Has OGS been cut back?

    Oops, sorry for the late reply - I applied at UofT Computer Science. Thankfully my funding package is enough for sustenance, but the extra money would have been nice :~)
  14. TMP

    Online MA for the Writing Sample

    As @Sigaba says in these situations, read articles and books in your areas of interest. Figure out the kind of historiographical questions you want to explore to write about in your statement of purpose. You don't need a MA for that. Also, professors understand that different programs have different requirements for thesis. I know a colleague who went to a middle-level state school and produced a 25-page honors thesis with primary sources found on the internet. She got into 2 PhD programs just fine because she had a strong statement of purpose among other things like grades and letters of support.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I echo what everyone else said about the discernment process, it is super important that you follow the proper channels and in the order expected. While I certainly had classmates who went through discernment while already in the MDiv program the process has not been as easy for them and their job prospects after graduation are not as clear. What the actual requirements will be for your Anglican studies will be up to the bishop and seminary but most typically it is a 2 semester diploma and also covers things like anglican liturgy, preaching, and music which are all very important for the priesthood, not to mention the formation that happens by living and studying within an Anglican institution. But since you are interested in doing a thesis you might want to look into doing an STM in Anglican Studies which is usually 1 year and includes a thesis which you could focus on Christian Ethics within the Anglican tradition.
  17. bolicks

    2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    @pm3220 I was admitted to UC Berkeley with similar stats, you should have a chance. In my opinion, it's best to only apply to programs that you'd be excited to attend!
  18. isbutteracarb

    Vancouver, BC

    I think there are usually a lot of people waiting at that stop, so you could just wait until you can get on and get a seat. Depends where on Hastings you are. If you're on the DTES (which is generally confined to this area) then you probably won't want to be kicking around there, though it's not really violent crime you're going to be worried about, but property crime. But East Hastings in Burnaby isn't too bad, from what I understand. There's really a whole lot of noise made about Hastings by pearl clutchers who make it sound as though the whole area is a mess.
  19. idmsw

    Canada MSW 2019

    For those of you still on the UofT waitlist for the two year program, keep hopeful! I was just accepted yesterday!! I did NOT think it was going to move but it’s very exciting!! I was completely caught off guard by the acceptance in the best way!! Stay hopeful y’all !!
  20. springxsummer

    2020 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants

    Hi, I'm applying to counselling and clinical psychology master's programs this round! I have a BA in psychology with a fair amount of research and clinical experience, as well as a couple poster presentations (aiming to add another). This will be my second time applying. Last year I applied to four counselling programs and was waitlisted at two and rejected from two. Clinical may be a stretch for me because I don't have an honors degree or an undergraduate thesis, but it gives me the option of applying to a lot more accredited programs so I figure what the heck.
  21. Good point! I should be careful + come up with a good answer for why I did History and not English. I think when I say 'prefer' I meant the undergraduate classes. I love studying literature, but History allowed me to study it through literature, philosophy, religion, political science in a way that I really enjoyed. I had some pretty eh experiences with English classes. Tbh I wouldn't say this in an interview but my undergraduate lit classes weren't that challenging so I wasn't as engaged... I think for all of the English classes I took I scored 100s+ in every single one idk. I think it'll probably be good to study the Norton Anthologies to brush up and make a stronger SoP/WS anyway, but the two replies I've gotten echoed what my professor said. If you do great then it'll look great but won't make or break it, but if I do poorly then there's a chance that it'll actually do more harm than anything.
  22. blacklab155

    GRE test dates advice

    I just haven't narrowed down my list of schools and figured it might be better to take it either way? I wanted to wait to see what I'll get on the general GRE to know what programs I would be best suited for but it sounds like I should just look at which schools actually require the psychology subject test. Thanks!!
  23. I don't actually typically like watching lecture videos, but I'm enjoying this one. It may just be the nice separation of Strategic Practice / HW that I find so encouraging for self-study. Anyway @bayessays thanks for the advice, I think I needed to hear that. I've been stressing out, but in reality I should probably just chill out and enjoy free time while I have it. Maybe I'll just check out the fast.ai course casually once I'm done with 110. Thanks all!
  24. I'm applying to roughly 7 different programs this upcoming Fall 2019. I received my Bachelor's in English with a concentration in Rhetoric, and while my GPA in my English courses was fine and I'm doing my Masters from 2019-2020, I'd feel more comfortable and confident having at least my first semester grades from my Masters program show up on my transcripts. While my overall GPA for my English courses is high there's a couple English courses on my transcript that I got low B's in that I'm not happy about. I know I'm just hard on myself, but I can only imagine all the other people applying with me will have straight A's. I talked to my friend about this (whose applying for PhD's in the sciences) and she kind of freaked out when I told her I planned on delaying applying to some of my programs until fall grades were in. She told me that at least in the science, if you apply even two weeks before the deadline it looks bad and goes against you. Does anyone know if it's true? There's three schools I have to apply to regardless of grades since their deadlines are before fall grades come in. The rest fall between early Jan-mid Feb. Any advice? Should I just forget about grades from my Masters and applying to all my schools all at once? Should I apply at different times?
  25. madandmoonly

    2019 Applicants

    I also got an apartment close to campus!
  26. To bounce off bayequentist (who rightfully recommended the greatest probability book ever by Jaynes), if you want to learn something about stochastic processes, check out Resnick's Adventures in Stochastic Processes. His other probability book is a standard textbook, but Adventures has an amazing sense of humor.
  27. Aside from Mathematical Statistics, a course on Stochastic Processes is also a common follow-up to Stat 110. Since galois seems to prefer watching lecture videos to reading books, fast.ai has a pretty interesting course on computational linear algebra.
  28. pm3220

    2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Want to study genomics/bioinformatics. Have some math/coding background, but I feel I would need to improve it over my 'gap year' and during the early part of my PhD. Undergrad Institution: Non-flagship state schoolMajor(s): BiologyMinor(s): PhilosophyGPA in Major: 3.7Overall GPA: 3.75Position in Class: Top 10%Type of Student: Domestic, white, male GRE Scores (revised): Q: 161V: 162AWA: 5Research Experience: - 2 years in an evolutionary genetics lab - 1.5 years in a molecular bio lab - 2 months in cancer research at St. Jude Pubs: 1 late author publication in name journal, 1 first author publication in undergrad journal Presentations: 1 talk at a national conference, 1 talk at an undergrad conference Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's award for most outstanding Biology major, finalist for the same award for the college of arts and sciences, obtained an undergrad research grant Pertinent Activities or Jobs: 3 years as tutor, ~6 months as a lab manager Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: N/A Special Bonus Points: - Should have two very good letter from my PI in the genetics lab and the molecular bio lab; third letter may be kind of generic though:( Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where: NC State UC Berkley Penn State MIT (long shot) Baylor Harvard (long shot) Is this list any bit reasonable? If not which schools should I add/remove? Thank you!
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