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  1. What happens if you slack off

  2. 0. And I really hope I don't end up accumulating any in grad school.
  3. I got my first two rejections on the same day and I made the mistake of texting my mom. Mom: University X is stupid. University Y is a loser. Me: No, they are actually really good schools... Mom: Not without you. They are dumb. Their loss. sigh. I eventually told my roommates as well. They all responded with things like "Wow, if you didn't get in, how does anyone get in?" Well, other people have higher GPAs and more publications...
  4. Seriously? Socks are pretty cheap at Costco and probably Walmart. Buy more pairs. I do wear my jeans 3 or 4 times before washing them, and sweatshirts I'll wear until they look or smell bad. Everything else is washed after wearing.
  5. I second iAnnotate. It was on sale for $1 a while ago and I bought it. It's great for marking up PDFs and taking notes on slides. I wish I had bought it a while ago.
  6. I keep both items in the bathroom because (1) I'm not really worried about it, and (2) I don't have a lot of space otherwise. The bathroom has more storage space than my bedroom.
  7. I applied but I haven't heard anything. Applications weren't due until January, right?
  8. People all the time assume I mean masters when I say grad school. I just don't say anything.
  9. I got rejection emails from Sloan-Kettering and U Penn pharmacology today.
  10. Is is safe to assume that all GSK invites went out in december? And between Duke, UT Houston, BCM, and UPenn, who is still sending out invites? I haven't been keeping up with this thread very well.
  11. I looked online and my status says Submitted. Is this the only place they would post it, or is there a status page somewhere?
  12. I just found out that a friend of a friend works with one of my POIs (the friend is on the clinical side, not part of the research program) and offered to introduce me. I kinda feel like it's late in the season to be contacting PIs. Any opinions?
  13. Nope. But then again, I haven't heard from any schools so I'm probably not at the top of the list.
  14. Famous city =! good city to live in Detroit is a famous city.
  15. I emailed NYU (Sackler) early in the season (like september or october I think) and they took 3 weeks to answer my question. Edit: I just double checked. They actually took a month and 3 days to respond.
  16. I applied to 9 programs and haven't heard back from any of them. I'm starting to get really nervous. 2 of them had Jan 1 deadlines though, so I'm hoping maybe they haven't sent out invites yet.
  17. Wow, 9 interviews. Are you planning to go to all of them?
  18. Does anyone remember what other schools want midyear grades? I remember reading this on some of the websites when I was applying but I can't remember where. My grades should be coming out soon, so now I have to go back and read the websites from every school I applied to.
  19. My parents tell me whenever I talk to them that I will get in everywhere I applied to. I explained the acceptance rates to the programs I applied to, and they dismiss it as though all the other applicants are just applying because they were bored one day and don't have any qualifications. Nope, still no invites.
  20. If my GPA is .1 higher after this semester is it appropriate to send an updated transcript to the schools I applied to?
  21. What would be the purpose of this? Why would you add Art to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? It's an entirely different field.
  22. Did you guys see what UNC posted? Attention BBSP applicants: Admissions committees are still working their way through your applications. Some interviews have been scheduled, and invitations are going out weekly. If you haven't had an email specifically from the BBSP admissions office, that simply means your application is still under consideration. I wonder if this means people have been calling them like crazy.
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