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  1. Mid-may will definitely give you enough time to find a place. Granted, earlier is always better but when I first moved down here I didn't get a chance to find an apartment until late June - early July. For pet friendly, your options are indeed limited. I have a bigger dog myself (about 65 pounds), and I rent through Walnut Capital who I've had no issue with. They ask a half-month's rent non-refundable deposit for pets, but that is much better than others who sometimes ask a whole months rent. From my experience, Franklin West also will allow dogs of bigger size (even though their information s
  2. Turns out I had reason to worry.... I went 0 for 6 in applications, even getting rejected from my current school. How did this happen?
  3. I visited Berkeley on Monday just because I was in town and spoke to the student services coordinator, and they are still working on sending out decisions, so I think there's still some hope for everyone
  4. Hello, I go to Pitt now and am finishing up my masters for biostat, and they're still making decisions on the PhD students. I spoke to the person in charge and it should be any day now that they let us know. Especially since the students are on spring break so it gives the professors more time to meet.
  5. Fat Heads is by far the best, good assessment overall. haha
  6. When I spoke to the admissions office about 2-3 weeks ago, they said decisions would be out by the first week of March at the latest. So they should have something out by tomorrow hopefully. As for me, I emailed them with a question about a professors research, and in his response, I saw the forwarded email from the secretary to him that said in parentheses "who was not admitted". Stay classy, Berkeley.
  7. I have 5 rejections, 0 wait lists, and the last school left is Pitt, which I currently attend and had a free application. Between the other 5 schools I spent over $700 applying. I am about 50% ridiculously determined to prove these schools wrong, and about 50% accept failure.
  8. I'm feeling biostatistically swaggerific today.

  9. All the information in the past couple posts is pretty current. The main 3 areas people live are Shadyside, Oakland, or Squirrel Hill. Shadyside is likely the most expensive, probably running at least $900 for a decent 1-bedroom. Regardless of area, having a person to split rent with will benefit you. Shadyside has a good amount to do, lots of restaurants, bars, shops, grocery stores, etc. The buses will take you to Pitt in about 10-15 minutes depending where in Shadyside you're coming from. Walnut Capital is a good leasing company, they're a bit more expensive, but they're really good abo
  10. If I get 1 more email that's not an admission decision, I'm going to need to be defribrillated.

  11. For anyone who applied to Berkeley biostat, they said they'd have decisions by the end of the month or the first week of March at the latest. So luckily that's not too long from now!
  12. I think that early March is generally a good time point to wait until, unless you have seen most people have received decisions (both acceptances and rejections). I just emailed Berkeley, but only because I am possibly going to be around there early next month and wanted to see if I could possibly get a department tour, assuming they haven't decided to reject by then. I figure that also lets them know that I'm very interested in their program while doing a check up on my application status.
  13. Any idea if the Berkeley decisions will include biostats or just the stats department? I'm dying to find out for biostatistics, and I'm not sure how much more I can take!
  14. I could write my thesis, or I could write a snarky letter to schools that rejected me that I will never send. That sounds much more fun.

  15. taping rejection letters to the back of my door for motivation has regressed to demotivational...

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      I'm sorry! But, keep hope alive :)

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  16. 3.36 undergrad GPA, but all of the core math classes I performed very well in. Top 100 National University. GRE scores 770 Quantitative, 550 Verbal, 4.0 writing. Current grad student in Biostatistics with 3.8 GPA.
  17. Yeah, I don't understand why they don't update status on an individual basis as they make them. Rather than make people wait it out long after the decision has been made. They got back to me within about an hour after I emailed them. I'm somewhat regretting emailing them, I should've just let nature take its course. Oh well. Good luck to you!
  18. I emailed UNC today to ask about my status, and got a reply back saying I had been rejected. I think it's officially time to give up for any option besides Pittsburgh I'm guessing. The last 3 I'm waiting to hear back from are Pitt, Berkeley, and Harvard. I never received an invite to interview at Harvard, and I'm guessing the rejections from UW, Hopkins, and UNC eliminate Harvard as well. Berkeley I am really really hoping for, but doubtful. My advantage their is that I will already have a masters, and the applicant pool will thus be smaller to compete with than the other schools. But my r
  19. No need to worry, UW and Emory are highly ranked programs, I'm sure that since you applied to 14, you should definitely get into a few
  20. I wouldn't go as high as $1000 a month for a studio, even in Shadyside which is the most expensive, you can probably find a decent looking studio for 700ish. I lived last year in North Oakland on the edge of shadyside, and had a 1 bedroom for $850 and that was with all utilities included. A roommate would definitely cut your costs nearly in half. As far as extra money to have a social life, Pittsburgh isn't too expensive around Oakland and Shadyside, which is where most students prefer to go. Most places have half-price appetizers and happy hours all the time. I probably get by on about $800-$
  21. It does sting a lot for the first few days, but you'll get through it. The amount of applicants this year is ridiculously high, and almost all of the applicants would do extremely well. You'll get in somewhere, and then just make the best of it and try to do so well that you feel that they should regret not accepting you. I, for one, have taped my 2 rejection letters to the back of my door and set to the background on my phone as kind of a motivational poster (I found a typo in my Washington rejection letter, which made me feel a bit better after I wrote "idiots" next to it). Just get
  22. Very true, also who knows that their undergrad major was and how intensive. Now if they had a 4.0 from Harvard in Math, then that would be extremely shocking. But the old GRE scoring system was very gentle to grading, and an 800 isn't anything immaculate (although, still something to be proud of).
  23. I completely agree, the extra time you have to spend at Berkeley to try and get a PhD could be extremely irritating, and although unlikely, it could be possible that they don't accept you when that time comes (I'm sure you are a great student, and that they would accept you!). Living around Berkeley is ridiculously expensive, I have a best friend who lives in San Francisco, and even if I moved in with him and his roommate it would still cost considerably more than most places I've researched. The weather in Berkeley isn't as great as most people expect, although the winter is very mild, it doe
  24. This year definitely seems to have more applicants, and an even higher percentage of highly qualified applicants. I'm shocked that someone who got into UWashington would get rejected from Emory. Has anyone heard from Cal Berkeley? I noticed there were 2 masters and 1 PhD acceptance posted on the results page. And I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear back from them.
  25. Has anyone had their status change on the UNC application page from submitted? I've seen that there a few decisions from UNC so far, and I'm wondering if they are similar to John Hopkins in that they switch from submitted to "In Review" when it has been sent to the admissions committee. I submitted my application in early December, so I would think that they should have gotten around to it by now but I can't be sure, and I don't want to email them. Thanks
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