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  1. Articulating your interest in literature like this smacks of amateurism. It's something I'd expect to find in a college application essay (or in the flavor text any English department website ever). It's very trite. Your statement of research interests (which I am assuming this is, otherwise why'd you put it in) is vague and meaningless. It's inadvisable to put these kinds of neither here nor there statements in your SOP because it just makes people go wtf. The main problem with this is is that it is contextless. Okay, so you want to work on empathy and isolation in modernism... What t
  2. You won't get in. Everyone else has already hit on the substantive points why, but I'll put it in more direct language. You don't need 18 credits in English necessarily, but you need substantial upper-level humanities coursework to be considered and to write a decent SOP and WS. 3 gen eds is not enough. You also need specific research interests (specific: Turkish women's poetry in the 20th century) as well as apparent understanding of how they fit into the context of the relevant subfield and why anyone should care about them, which requires knowledge of the field (what was written about
  3. this is a particularly stupid troll, trying to pull of an oblivious essay question. in how way is the "global age" correlated with ideology?
  4. thank you, thank you for a range of responses! #deliciousdrama 1. It goes without saying that one should aspire to work with the best specialist in one's area. However, if that specialist is at Schmuckville U, is that saying something about the prestige/reputation/hireability of one's chosen subfield? 2. I have always been hesitant about pursuing the humanities because there's this caveat, like in Hollywood and the professional sports circuit, that you're brilliant or mediocre (which schematically would look like Harvard and then Appalachian State with nothing in between). I think that
  5. just as a side note from a curious bystander, unless one has a very specific subfield, wouldn't the T20 or bust advice be quite sound?
  6. or it might be because that comic is stupid
  7. you're lucky, davidm, that cogpsych approaches to literature are really hot right now:) unfortunately, my social-science colleagues would probably burn all humanities professors at the stake. glad to see that an interdisciplinary approach has helped you, though - I was considering sticking it out for this reason, but idk. @blakeblake my school requires everyone to graduate in four years, so no dice. I'll keep taking extra classes each semester, and if everything works out, I'll be really tired, but I'll have one semester where (thesis permitting) I will be able to take non-major classes.
  8. Thank you for your input, you've answered my question. I was wondering whether there were options, rather than the optimum path to a goal which I don't yet have. No, I'm not sure about humanities grad school, and my other major is a backup, yes.
  9. I'm a sophomore double majoring in literature and a social science. I'm doing well in both. My true passion (and, to be real, my real aptitude) lies in literary analysis, though I ended up majoring in it accidentally. I took a couple literary theory/graduate classes in literature, and I'm liking it more and more, to the extent that I've considered grad school (lay your Pannapacker article link aside, please). However, I'm loathe to drop my social science major because I'm quite good at that too (just not breathtakingly good), plus I have very real employment prospects in it through family c
  10. So, to alleviate the stress. I think that George Eliot should have been one of those women who never learned to read, and instead had 12 children. Then she would have been of a neutral benefit to humanity, rather than a negative one. I mean, Gogol burned the second tome of Dead Souls - and Dead Souls was like x9000 better than anything I ever read by Eliot. And by sheer circumstance, I have been cursed with reading a lot of hers. On the other hand, I just read a blog that counts good novels before and after the advent of George Eliot. Like, BGE and AGE. What is UP with that? I don'
  11. in re above, it's not so much an issue of residence as it is an issue of taxes. for instance, if you reside in the EU as a diplomat, you likely won't get EU fees unless your dad knows people. however, if you are an EU diplomat residing in Mexico for like 10 years, you will get EU fees because you pay your taxes to your country of citizenship. but yeah, foreign students are one of the main ways that universities make money. that's why they love singaporean medicine applicants so much.
  12. this is actually better than the average internet debate. godwin's law has not yet been activated, for instance. I'm not being a dick towards vegetarians. I'm being a dick towards people who are being dicks towards non-vegetarians. ....you just did. I happen to be paleo, and I believe that meat and dairy do indeed have a lot to do with good diet. But I don't go around denigrating people for eating processed carbs. I'm not even gonna say that humans have a natural propensity for eating meat, because some might not - and who am I to tell people how to eat? Especi
  13. thank god this country has prestigious private schools. that way, people can still go to grad school in a subject they like and not have to subsist on refried beans when their funding is cut in half by experimental fiscal policy.
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