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  1. I'm currently an MA student at Tufts and I believe I did rather poorly on the GREs (153/4 verbal). I don't think they're worth fretting about. qwer's response hits all the main points.
  2. Every single thing you guys have said applies to me as well. I'm taking the French language exam in early September, it'll be an hour long but I don't know how long the passage will be or its content. Just wanted to let you know you guys aren't the only ones in this position. I also took a couple years of French in undergrad and I'm comfortable with it, but I really need to cram. I'm thinking of reviewing my old textbooks as well as reading and translating a short novel (Camus' L'etranger, not too complex, I know, but it's a start). And I wholeheartedly agree that the GRE is ludicrous--it
  3. Yeah, I've started browsing some listings but nothing serious. You're right--things are really expensive around there. I'm heading to Boston in a couple weeks to tour the campus and try to find housing, but yeah now I'm starting to get anxious about this whole process of moving. It seems like the elation of accepting the decision was somewhat short-lived! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to meeting you, Yce3f7c and bbygotbach. Feel free to message me if you wanna talk!
  4. Tufts University MA program, focusing on art of the United States
  5. WTF? Is this supposed to be a joke?
  6. Does anybody know what the deal is with UMass Amherst? I saw there were some acceptances in early February, but nothing since. I need to make a decision pretty soon here..
  7. ChurchLover


    Just as an update, I'm about 99% sure I'll be heading to Tufts. Sounds like we'll all end up at some pretty prestigious programs, though. Good luck with Williams, BuddingScholar!
  8. Same here! I haven't heard a thing from them.
  9. ChurchLover


    Don't have anything to contribute, but I too would like to get an idea for Tufts' reputation. They gave me a decent amount of funding and I'm seriously considering attending.
  10. Haha, yeah, it's actually the work of Frederic Church that I love. However, of course, that's not to say I don't love Gothic architecture as well! (I had the amazing opportunity during my undergrad to study at Cambridge University, and man, seeing King's College Chapel everyday was such a treat I had to try not to take it for granted). I feel you, though the Hudson River School is my favorite, landscape painting of the American West is fantastic--I've always had a soft spot for Remington and Moran. I'm from the west too (California) so sometimes it's cool to see familiar environs through R
  11. Hey festina lente - high-five(/competitive glare)! Haha. It's nice to see someone else who's interested in American landscape painting. Based on the assorted chuckles I've received after telling people I'm into landscape painting, I didn't think there was much interest out there. I know exactly what you mean though, I had no intention of coming onto GradCafe this application round, yet here I am. Anyway, good luck with everything!
  12. American art of the long 19th century, specifically landscape painting.
  13. I received the same email. Likewise, I'm not very optimistic about it.
  14. I feel like this is a stupid question, but where are all these "results boards" you guys are referring to? I keep doing google searches but to no avail. Am I missing something?
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