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  1. If you got as far as a wait list, they liked your application. Not everyone gets a second look from their most preferred school, but you did. You have absolutely nothing to lose by asking. And although you may wonder about being seen in terms of "desperation," it is also possible that your inquiry may be perceived as showing genuine interest, persistence, flexibility and resilience.
  2. I have read so many of Minnesotan's posts. VERY wise. I wish I had read them last fall, too, because I would have done better applications, esp SOP. This is like the end of the term at every university, and professors are all doing final exams and term papers and grades. DO give them time to reconsider your possibilities and your flexibility and resiliency. It is probably very hard to schedule meetings just now because of all this.
  3. Used the service and found the money was not well spent. It would be better to follow advice as you see here at gradcafe, really.
  4. Received a letter from the U. of Florida after taking GRE, I think the same type of thing.
  5. Actually, accepting their offer might help re funding. It gets you on the list. It makes you one of theirs. Call tomorrow and have a friendly talk, say you are going to send in an acceptance, can they help find support in this department, work-study, or anywhere on campus? I knew a guy in Journalism who got an assistantship in Computer Science giving tours. It sounds weird, but he was a really good talker and could explain science to ordinary people.
  6. At this point in time, there is nothing to lost by joining a wait list. MOST on the wait list ahead of you have either found other places or withdrawn, so your odds may not be as bad as all that. Tell them oh yes thank you, and smile and smile, meantime, figure out some plan to buff your resume for the future if this does not work out. DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY. I know it feels personal, but it's just X's in boxes, and who cares, if luck comes your way, the teachers in your actual classrooms will not know or care whether you got in on the first round or the last minute. I am not kidding
  7. I also had e-mails which were semi-promises. Both said I was high on the list, expect to hear soon about funding, we are almost sure you will get something, we just need to know what the first round of offers are going to do, &c. I was happy at first, not later. At the end, one school never came through with funding, even though I kept being patient and waiting and so on, but the other school did offer a TA-ship after I was patient &c. So it's hard to say--maybe so, maybe not. Any Ph.D. went to grad school AND knows the need for support unless he was born into a royal family of so
  8. Everything is variable, and everyone has a story to tell. I know a person who got funding a week after classes started. In philosophy! Wow, I would never go on loans in philosophy, but she got lucky. If you have until the 28th at your other schools, then you have a few days. It's just that you have only three schools--well, really you are only looking at that one dithering place--and they have maybe a dozen or more supplicants knocking, and maybe they started with a hundred or more. For the ones on the inside, the perspective is so different. What's a few days, more or less? From the o
  9. In a sad but one-word answer, yes. The east coast-west coast thing is irrelevant. It's fine to apply where you don't know anyone. They just look at your folder, letters of recomendation, and GREs--and make their decision. Some are lucky. There is a lot of luck in this, as everyone says. NEXT: This is true but most don't do it. If she doesn't get in, e-mail or phone the Admissions Committee chairman (after the semester ends) and ask how to make the next application more successful. NO ONE WANTS TO DO THAT. But I didn't get in anywhere last year and learned that a different strategy wa
  10. Sometimes the websites will be the way applicants are informed that they are denied, generally through kind of a complicated process of logging in with secret passwords and codes which takes 20 minutes to find out they did not accept your application, what a cruel thing to do (my opinion). I knew a person who had to become a Wolverine Friend to check her application at the U of Michigan website, which was: Denied. She wanted to revoke the friendship. Other schools just say "under review" on the websites until the fatal e-mail or letter arrives via post office. That is the way U Mass does i
  11. I followed this with a lot of interest because I also had several notes from a professor at a school I wanted to get accepted at. He said I was so high on the wait list and he was almost certain they would make me an offer probably in a few days, surely by the end of March. Well I got excited and wrote back "great" (I said it fancier than that) but the few days went by, also about the end of March. I wrote again and said I was very interested in the school and hoped there would be good news soon. I read that helps on a wait list b/c they want to make their second round offers to people they
  12. I just declined two schools (funded) yesterday. Both showed acceptances today by others off their wait lists. There is a LOT of action right now. I was waiting out a wait list myself but gave it up and am happy with where I got accepted, although not what I had first expected. Two people were happy with the exact same schools I gave up. I think there will be acceptances after 4/15, there will have to be, don't give up your hopes.
  13. This is it. Flip a coin. While the coin is in the air, before the coin comes down, you will become aware of some wish of how it will come down. Follow that wish. THAT is where you REALLY want to go. Amen. I am not joking. There is a part of yourself that knows. All the rest is rationalization. See ya in St. Louis. Or somewhere!
  14. Chicago. Don't look back over what might have been. It's a magnificent school. You are blessed by the opportunity. Just figure on wearing warm coats for a few more years. You know in your hears it is the right choice, other wise you'd have bailed on the other "obligation" and skipped to DC. You sound like a rare person with a heart and a soul. Cherish these and please don't trade them in for short-term pleasures.
  15. Once you get into a program, I believe it will be dificult to transfer to a different program. After all, who is going to write those LOR? Haha, the professors you are leaving behind! I went into a PhD program I didn't want (so I thought) but after I got there, it turned out better than I expected. With luck, yours may, too. No one left our program for another PhD program, though. The only ones who left were the ones who were not admitted to PhD candidacy. You would be safer going to a MA program only, where everyone is expected to move on,I think, unless there is the possibility that
  16. Excited to be accepted. Needing help re: neighborhoods to find an apt.
  17. I have been told (and think it's true) that demonstrating GREAT interest in a school does tend to help re: wait list. Being passive and waiting like a wallflower at a dance does not. Like, if an opening occurs, the active, interested candidate is more likely to get it b/c they don't want to offer to someone and either get declined or wait around for another couple of weeks for a decision. Also agree that one's research interest may affect the choice (to fill classes &c) but no one can know about that. But definitely don't be passive--write and say wow I would sure like to come to this
  18. I am surprised that Iowa State is rated lower than Utah--I wonder about the criteria. It is absolutely solid, top to bottom, and the supporting departments are also solid.
  19. My idea is if that if your application is still alive, you get an e-mail back. If you application is dead, you don't. That was what happened to me anyway. When I was still alive at Columbia, I got the most cheerful upbeat note, and an invitation to write back soon. In a couple of days, I did write back to the same cheerful guy, and heard nothing back. Well, I knew then--I didn't have to wait the official word. Same at a couple of other places. They don't need to write to you anymore because you are no longer a person of interest. I believe it is some form of social darwinism, either in
  20. It is so hard, isn't it, not to take this all personally. THEY have HUNDREDS of applications, but YOU did not send out hundreds of applications! In fact, I said exactly that to one place when I e-mailed to see what was my status. I suggested looking through a telescope the other way, for perspective. I thought today--well, I haven't been rejected by Columbia, so I could e-mail and ask--but why? If they were eager to accept me, I would know by now. ON THE OTHER HAND. (There is always an other hand!) You see on the list of acceptances etc. that people are still getting accepted, a few ev
  21. Everyone saw it flooded, how is it now to be there? In the Tulane-Loyola area?
  22. Agree with the previous post. Unless you are IN LOVE WITH NEW YORK. There is so much going on in DC, unbelievable, and GW is a fantastic school. Ivy League is a sports conference at the undergraduate level. Northwestern, Chicago, WashU/WUSTL, Emory, Rice, MIT, Stanford, Duke, Johns Hopkins/JHU, Vanderbilt and Georgetown all offer similar educational experiences as those in the ivy league. By many, these are also considered the "new ivies" in Academia. At GW you are two blocks from the White House. Figure it out.
  23. Every department is different, but does your department allow you to change committee members? If so, DO IT. I had such a villain on my committee, and (with the support of my dissertation advisor) changed the committee membership. I reconfigured the committee to introduce a more cooperative professor and get rid of the ego-maniac. The fellow being got rid of knew right away why he was being got rid of, and did not like it one bit, and was confrontive and unpleasant, but I just kept smiling and said my interests had changed and I was now very interested in pursuing this other area (which ju
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