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  1. I do not personally know the other people who I were told got in, but I was told that that's how they checked - was through the site. My last name starts with an A, so you're perhaps correct that it could be alphabetical. In the original confirmation email received when I submitted the online application, it said emails would go at the END of February, so there is still time for that. I have not received a rejection email, just saw it on LORIS. ****UPDATE: I logged back into LORIS and when I click on my program, it gives me an error page as well now. Therefore, this is obviously a t
  2. smpalesh, I am assuming it took you to reference because your decision has not been input into the system yet for you to check. That likely explains why when I clicked on mine, it did not take me to references, but rather to the decision made. Again, I was rejected, and it was on there. So nothing on there does not automatically mean rejected. I assume it means they haven't put yours up yet. These things take time, I'm sure they can't release them all at once, but rather input as they go.
  3. and just a thought, if "no page found" is what's coming up, perhaps this is because they have not yet input their decision into your account yet, and that's why it does not allow you to access a page, that as of right now, perhaps does not even exist. I'm sure it'll work soon once they have everyone's.
  4. smpalesh, try not to assume the worst.. I was rejected and it says it ... so no answer is currently not a bad thing for you. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.... I followed the steps as I previously posted, and went through LORIS ADMISSION on google, and the first link that came up and then logged in, clicked on my program (there was only ONE blue link), and it took me to my admission decision. In fact, there was no information or link to references on the page that I logged in to.
  5. cheekss, are you able to click on the Master of social work?? Make sure you are logging in to loris admission (google exactly that) as opposed to just logging in to loris ... see if that works?
  6. Socialworkerr I was told that 2 of them were accepted, and one was rejected. And sorry to hear that LP3
  7. sorry to create high stress for everyone… I went to google, loris admission, log in (using student number and a pin), then it opens up the APPLICANT SUMMARY page, where it lists your name, student #, info, program (master of social work - advanced standing), full- time, Fall 2015, you then click on the program, which is written in blue font. and it takes you to another page where it says program, and then admission decision…. I actually did not get accepted to laurier, and so it has the generic note that it usually does in the letter, and says "Application Unsuccessful". So nope, there is
  8. it should be highlighted in blue your program - Master of social work - advanced standing… you click on that and then it should tell you
  9. update for LAURIER 1 year applicants… google "LORIS ADMISSIONS" and log in to your account and it shows the decision made!
  10. Hey smpalesh, quick question - did you read somewhere that Laurier would be going out this week? Their website says the last 2 weeks of February, so no need to worry yet!
  11. cheekss, thank you!! I called them last week to find out what their process was since it's not very clear elsewhere. Basically they have a rolling admissions process, and they don't have a set deadline that they have all the offers out by. I had my application in by very early December, and therefore it has made it through the lengthy process already. Oh, and I received my notification by email. Fingers are crossed for you!!
  12. Hey cheekss, I just received my acceptance 2 days ago to the advanced standing MSW at UBCO, and I couldn't be more excited!! You are certainly right that tuition is cheaper (nearly half the price!), and I've also been told it's a great clinical school. The move is scary, but it's an incredibly beautiful place, and as lightning1129 mentioned, time will fly by. Also know, that other people (like myself) will be in the same boat, and sometimes just knowing that makes things a little bit easier. Yes I agree that a lot of networking is involved in this field, however, experience is also a huge
  13. Hey everyone ! I haven't posted for a while, but I've definitely been following along. First of all - CONGRATS to everyone who has received acceptance! I received my letter today from Toronto stating that I am on the wait list …. for the second year in a row. However, happy to say that I was accepted to HBSW program at Lakehead, the Orillia campus! For those that have posted wondering if the BSW is a good route before the MSW, it pretty much works out to be 2 years either way to obtain the MSW - I'll be doing 1 year HBSW and then will do a one year advanced MSW. Is there a Faceboo
  14. Hey poppy_msw, I do not have a BSW either, I have a BA. Last year was my first year applying for MSW and out of 3 schools, I was waitlisted at 2. You are absolutely correct that it feels impossible to find paid work in the field. In fact, I have not been able to do so myself either. Instead, for the past 2.5 years since finishing my undegrad, I have had 3 different volunteer positions. Even those, however, do not amount to "full time" hours. But do take comfort in knowing that in my experience, paid experience is not required. It sounds like you have been working on your CV as well, so tha
  15. Thank you for your comments! It is definitly helpful to hear from others in similar situations. You give me hope that round 2 will be a success I have done some minor tweaking with wording and grammar and added in a few lines about my past year's experience. I really do feel like it was a strong personal statement, so I don't want to change it for the wrong reasons
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