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  1. Congratulations, BeckSLPplease! What wonderful news!
  2. UCSD Extension offers Introduction to Statistics for $650: http://extension.ucsd.edu/studyarea/index.cfm?vAction=singleCourse&vCourse=CSE-41069 This online course runs from 6/30/14 to 09/01/14. Hope that helps!
  3. You can visit the program's website and see if a specific person is listed as the contact person for prospective students. It may vary from school to school. If this info is not provided, I would contact the "Admission Contact" listed on the school's profile on ASHA EdFind, if possible.
  4. In my opinion, I don't think that the FB method you mentioned is weird. SLP people are generally a pretty helpful bunch, so there's no harm in asking questions. I would just try to be clear about what you already know about the program, and what you are looking to find out. It shows you already did all the research you could and are now turning to them to fill in some gaps or provide their personal perspectives. I kind of did something similar, but contacted past participants on this forum instead. In the Members section, I looked for people who had applied to the schools I was interested in. I did this by searching for the names of the schools within people's signatures. I then browsed through their posts to see whether they had accepted their offers at those schools, and if they had recently been active on the forum (their last active date appears in their profile), I contacted them with my questions. I did this with 2 people and received very helpful responses from both. I think it's still a good idea to ask a program to put you in touch with a student, though. I think they would likely connect you with someone they see as a good student, so there's a chance of some bias there. That's okay, though. It's good to gather all the information you can get!
  5. Hello lookwhoslp! I think all of the names you listed are pretty neutral, and any of them would be fine. Speaking of e-mail addresses, this article might be of interest to you. These are just stereotypes, of course I think you'll find it very useful to have a separate e-mail address for applying to schools, especially if your e-mail accounts are linked to your phone. I know I did! Any time I received an e-mail from a school I applied to, whether it was confirming receipt of application materials or informing me of a decision, I could easily tell it was application-related if it showed up in the designated e-mail account I created. When the decision period starts, and nerves are running high, you'll appreciate that coupons and Facebook notifications won't be mistaken for an anticipated response from a school Good luck with everything!
  6. Congrats twinguy7 and danielle90 on your acceptances! And congrats caterpillar and husband for reaching the end of the waiting game! And happy Friday everyone!
  7. Good point! Some materials lend themselves better to being kept in binders, and others in filing cabinets. Then I got thinking...do they make binders that can be hung in filing cabinets? And sure enough, they do! Large hanging binders: http://www.officemax.com/office-supplies/binders-accessories/specialty-binders/hanging-binders/product-ARS25723?R=20459362 Thinner hanging binders: http://www.officemax.com/office-supplies/binders-accessories/specialty-binders/hanging-binders/product-ARS25724 Binders with removable ring strip: I'm not sure a typical student would have the money to buy this kind of stuff, but it's good to know these things are out there!
  8. You're welcome, daisynic! Good luck and HAVE FUN organizing!
  9. Hey daisynic, I'm a big fan of filing cabinets! I never really used one before, but last year, when the company I was working for got sold to another company and I subsequently lost my job, I was allowed to keep all of the furniture in my office. At work, my filing cabinet was something I really only used for its top drawers, to keep my stapler, writing utensils, and other small office supplies. I didn't use the bottom portion with hanging folders until I brought it home, and it's been so useful! Here is what I like about filing cabinets: You can browse for documents just by pulling out a single drawer, and you can easily look at multiple documents at the same time, even if they're organized in different sections. In contrast, binders (usually shelved with binding facing out), need to be pulled out and individually opened like books in order for you to look at their contents. If you're opening up binders to find documents, you're probably using space on your desktop/floor to lay them out and flip through them. So in this way, filing cabinets can save space. Papers can be retrieved more easily from filing cabinets than from binders because they are not bound by locked rings. You don't need to hole punch all your papers in order to store them in a filing cabinet. You can secure confidential documents by locking up a cabinet. You can easily wheel around large quantities of documents since many personal cabinets have wheels underneath them. Pulling out a heavy filing drawer on wheels involves a lot less strain than pulling a heavy binder from a shelf. The top of your filing cabinet provides an extra flat surface you can use. A filing cabinet may give a neater appearance than a collection of binders of different sizes. I usually use my filing cabinet for archiving materials that don't usually need to leave the house. Binders, on the other hand, are better for keeping materials that need to be frequently transported. Hope that helps!
  10. Yayyy!!! Congrats twinguy7!!!!!! Woohoo!!! :)
  11. YES!!! I have one that's 4 months on one side and 3 months on the other. Great you brought that up ballerina18! Some other things I will be bringing that I didn't mention before are a filing cabinet with hanging folders (great for archiving old notes in addition to important paperwork--probably the only piece of furniture I will be bringing) and a cork bulletin board (I love making flash cards and binding them with binder clips, then hanging them on thumbtacks on my board). Also, I recently discovered the awesomeness of removable see-through dots like these. You can use them to mark textbooks, print-outs, etc. They're cool because since they're transparent, they won't cover up any text/images that you stick them on. They adhere pretty well and peel off really easily too! Great for people who don't want to permanently mark up their textbooks. Sorry if some of these ideas seem really obvious! I was never really good at being organized until recent years (through office work), so I'm kind of excited about going back to school and being more serious about staying organized
  12. This is a great topic! Thanks for starting it, lgwslp I really appreciate the ideas people have shared so far. I just wanted to add that for people without a car, a nice and sturdy rolling backpack can be a lifesaver! I went through 4 years of grad school without a car, and my rolling backpack (a Calpak) helped me out with trips not only to class but also to the library, laundromat, and grocery store. It was great as luggage for traveling, too! For grad students teaching classes, it can be invaluable for hauling stuff for your own classes PLUS all the stuff you need for teaching. Your arms, shoulders, and back will thank you! And if you're looking for just one more way to look less fashionable , get a pair of Crocs! In all seriousness, though, a lot of the newer models are pretty cute I just got a pair of these in black and may even buy some other colors (love the rainbow-colored ones!) if they go on sale. They are soooo comfortable!!! For me, they not only prevent my feet from hurting but actually ACTIVELY make them feel good! Any other Crocs fans out there? So yeah, while these are not SLP-specific "supplies," I definitely recommend investing in durability, practicality, and comfort for grad school.
  13. Twinguy7, you are so funny I actually just braided my hair just for you!!! Best wishes!!!
  14. Great to hear, twinguy7!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!
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