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  1. TravelBug92

    unpopular things you love

    Reheated french fries. I don't know why, but I just love them.
  2. TravelBug92

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    double rainbow
  3. TravelBug92

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Why does law enforcement not take into consideration verbal harassment?? Just because the dude isn't beating you doesn't mean the harassment isn't real! UGHHHH I need to get out of this hellhole!
  4. I've actually been debating on whether I want to, at some point, actually get a degree in marine biology on top of my psychology degrees. I'm also extremely interested in learning new languages, or enhancing my proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin. Who knows, maybe I'll end up being a scientist who studies the psychology of dolphins in China (bahaha).
  5. I already know that I LOVE Edinburgh, so being able to live there would be fantastic. Thanks for the info! I was thinking that might be the case, I remember hearing that people often do their Masters as part of their undergrad degree when I first started looking at schools in the UK. I can't wait to start looking up some programs
  6. One of my personal favorites when I tell people what my degree will be in (Developmental Psychopathology): "That's nice... what is that?" Or just getting blank looks. Or "So you're leaving the US forever? We'll never see you again?!?" Maybe, maybe not, I don't know at this point...
  7. Why is telling programs that you accepted an offer elsewhere so hard to do? Why do I feel bad about doing this?

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    2. TravelBug92


      I've already made my decision but I just feel guilty! hahaha

    3. ginagirl


      totally get that. I felt bad too. Like they were excited to have me and I was disappointing them somehow. Which is pretty silly if you think about it.

    4. TravelBug92


      I know, I'm sure it happens every year and they don't take it personally! Very silly to think about but still happens! hahaha

  8. Hello! So I will be attending Durham University this autumn for a year, and I know because the programs are only a year long, I want to start looking into PhD programs as soon as I can. I don't know what Durham is like yet, but it is a dream of mine to go to the University of Edinburgh. I was wondering if something like that is possible/common or if people typically stick to the same Uni for both Masters and PhD?
  9. TravelBug92

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Paranoid applicant
  10. TravelBug92

    What were you doing when you got accepted?

    I had just woken up and since it is always the first part of my routine to check my email, that's what I did. I could not believe that three days after finishing the application, I had been accepted to my first choice! I re-read the email 8 times to make sure I read it correctly and then I called pretty much everyone I knew to tell them the news!
  11. TravelBug92

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    pitch black
  12. TravelBug92

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Ugh me too... my fiancé just dumped me and now isn't telling me why. It was actually when I found out the day before I got accepted at a school, so I don't have that worry - even that didn't even help me feel better. UGH.
  13. TravelBug92

    What's the average undergrad GPA like in your uni?

    My school has the nickname of "St. C's" because of it's difficulty and anti-grade inflation policy, but I think the actual average GPA is around a 2.7 or so.
  14. TravelBug92

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    pumpkin pie
  15. I've heard back from all but one school, and so far they have all been offer letters. Even without hearing from that school, I am already having difficulty deciding on which school I should attend. I'm making a pros and cons list to see if that'd help, but it seems like everything sort of balances out in end, at least to me. Any advice? School 1: Pros: top tier school program is exactly what I am looking for school itself is beautiful located in a small city guaranteed housing Cons: most expensive program city is most expensive to live in (of those on my list) accommodation far from academics (I have a busted ankle) School 2: Pros: located in a small city that I know well and love been to the school before well located I know I would enjoy the program least expensive cost-wise, already have some aid Cons: much lower ranking program isn't exactly what I a looking for not guaranteed housing I was wondering if I would just be settling for school 2 if I choose there because I am comfortable with the city and school, when I feel like the program at school 1 fits what I want better? I feel like I will get a great education at either school, but I feel like future prospects may be slightly better if I go to school one. This will all change if I get accepted to the school I am still waiting for, but I am just really conflicted about what to do right now.

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