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  1. I think I'm in a similar situation Here is my Stat Undergrad Institution: Cal, SNU (Masters)Major(s): ChemistryOverall GPA: 2.80, 4.0/4.3 masters gpaGRE Scores: Taking next week! Interests: Total Synthesis of Natural Product Schools I'm Applying To: Princeton, Caltech, Stanford (three top choices), Cal, UCLA, Scripps, Northwestern, Yale, Harvard, UChicagoResearch Experience: Prob total of 4 yrs or so. All relating to total synthesis~ Publications: 3 papers in total. First one, 4th author (IF: 1-2), Second one, first author (IF: ~9), Third one, first author (IF:~7) Hope we get into the schools we are shooting for! I'm sure with your extensive research, stellar SOP and recs. your application will be noticed. You should also contact professors ahead of time if you haven't already done so. Best of Luck PS More people should join in I have noticed that there isn't a Fall 2020 cycle LOL
  2. "Prolixity" I was wondering what is the case for the other way around. I did graduate from Berkeley, but I feel like my GPA isn't competitive enough, it's really depressing to see others with GPAs like 3.8+.....
  3. I'm international too. However, I did all my undergraduate education here in the U.S. My status as an international student concerns me the most. (I lived in the US for over 10 yrs....)
  4. I had a quick question, does the institution where you received your bachelor take into account. I heard that it doesn't matter, but it feels like my GPA lacks a lot comparing to students from smaller schools, not saying that education from smaller schools is a lot easier. I was just curious.
  5. It was alright I guess, I think I skipped around 12, man I was shooting for 90th percentile range.... Forget that.
  6. Thank you so much for a detailed response! Hope for the best for both us
  7. Any feedback on my statistics anyone? I also feel like my research experience is low; about 10 months in total. I'm just hoping that the paper we submitted gets published by then.... My GPA isn't all that great either.
  8. Hello Everyone here are my statistics, Area of Interest: Organic Synthesis Transfer/B.S Degree from UC Berkeley Overall GPA: 3.47 Major GPA: 3.43 3 summer and 1 winter research experience (Recently submitted a paper for publication, not first author) 3 projects from one of my advanced organic laboratory class and recently started another research regarding chiral differentiation Got all three letters GRE haven't taken it yet, very soon though.... Haven't picked all of the schools I'm going to apply yet, currently looking through bios of professors. However, I want to shoot for some top schools. (Minus Berkeley, had enough) I'm hoping I'll perform well in the GREs so I can bolster my statistics because as of now I don't think I have a good chance at top institutions. Insights anyone?
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