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  1. I just got accepted off the wait-list I was on .
  2. To most of the people here: I think some space from your families might be a good thing.
  3. This thread has been incredibly helpful. I have also been wait-listed to my top program (UT Austin -- Philosophy), and am now debating whether or not to contact my POI (for the second time; the first time was before application) and the Graduate Program Coordinator who sent me the email. The email was quite friendly and I've already replied saying I am still interested in the program (this happened on February 24th and 25th). At the moment I am inclined to send the emails, since there is no prohibition on asking for more information and the uncertainty is becoming too painful for me. I'm going to start crafting the emails now...
  4. The basis of my dejection is the following reasoning: The two universities that I believe I am rejected from (Berkeley and UofT) have sent out acceptances and wait lists, but no rejections. I have not received anything yet. My having been rejected is currently the best hypothesis as it explains why I haven't gotten an acceptance or wait list yet, and it is consistent with my not having received a rejection yet since nobody's received a rejection yet. Of course there is still a minor chance that I'll get in somehow, even though I'm apparently not even on the wait list. But I think I'm going to go with assuming I'm rejected for now. It's okay though: only one of those unis actually matters to me (Berkeley). The other one is my lowest choice uni anyway. I found out today that I'm high on the wait list for UT Austin, which is pretty sweet. That's also one of my top choices (along with Berkeley and Oxford). Anyway, thanks for the comments everyone. They were helpful .
  5. So I guess that means I'm rejected then . Oh, well, I still have 6 other places to hear back from.
  6. Thanks for the replies! This definitely helps. I'm just going to wait and keep my mind off it, I suppose.
  7. Hello everyone. I applied to some Philosophy PhD programs (8 in total) in Canada and the U.S. I have gotten one response so far, which is a rejection (from MIT). Two of the other universities I have applied to have sent out several acceptances, as reported by people on the results page here. If I haven't gotten any email from those universities yet, but 6 or 7 acceptances and some wait lists have already been sent out, and they were all sent out earlier (e.g. beginning of February), should I assume that I didn't get in? Is there any peculiar circumstance that would lead some department to take longer to process someone's application? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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