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  1. Any other incoming UCR grad students looking for housing? If you're interested in possibly being room mates PM me.
  2. Yeah, I really don't get why Claremont is like that. Their graduate rankings overall are okay, but unless they fund their graduate students I don't see how they expect to rise any higher. But yeah, congratulations on the offer. UIUC seems to have a substantially higher rank, so if you get off the wait list there I'd definitely choose them. However UCR is still in a decent ranking and cost effective if that doesn't work out.
  3. Riverside is cheap in my opinion. Mind you, I'm from the urban core of Los Angeles so I have a skewed perception of what's affordable; I pay $1,600 in LA for rent. Rents in Riverside are $300-500 depending on whether you get a room mate or live alone. UCR students can ride the transit system for free, so transportation costs are low. UC tuition includes health coverage, so that's another cost you wouldn't have to worry about. I suspect you could survive on $600-700 monthly if you lived frugally. Getting a car, going out to drink, etc. etc. would obviously increase your costs but that'd be on you to budget. If you're considering between UCR or Claremont I'd recommend the former. The ranking is about the same and they're both close to one another physically. However Claremont has a reputation for being stingy on graduate funding. Which I find weird since they're a private university. Plus attending UCR gives you access to the resources of the UC system, including inter-library loans and potentially taking courses at other campuses later on. I'd only recommend Claremont if you feel your fit there is better than at UCR. Here are their respective placement records: UCR, Claremont I believe you have an offer from Kentucky as well no? Admittedly I know little about Kentucky, so I can't help in comparing it to UCR/Claremont.
  4. Congratulations, I'm part of the incoming cohort as well. My understanding is that most at UCR get a stipend the first year, but all future funding is tied to TAships. As finalsenator pointed out though I'd contact the department to get the specifics of your case.
  5. Yeah I got an email with an attached PDF. I'm still waiting out on a few public policy PhDs (GMU & U Washington Evans), but at this point I think I will accept my UCR admit. What about yourself? Or are you still waiting till your spouse finishes up their cycle so that you can decide jointly?
  6. Just got the rejection email. Welp - I guess I can always try to get an urban planning faculty job, but for now it seems I'm going into Poli Sci. I hope you hear better news.
  7. Have you created a Wolverine account yet by chance? I wonder if they'll update the decisions online before emailing us. Looking at the results from last year that seems to be what they do. Edit: I've checked my account. It only says "application complete".
  8. I'm been admitted to UC Riverside. My interests are in urban politics - basically a lot of applying Tiebout competition to political science questions. Its a very small field and, from what I've seen, ill regarded among the wider poli sci community. That's why I applied to urban planning programs. Imo, urban issues don't seem to be popular in any field. Several of my letter writers expressed disbelief that you could get a phd in urban planning. Yourself? Are your interests in history also urban in nature?
  9. I've noticed a lag of about a week between MA and PhD decisions. I'm starting to get nervous. I have a Poli Sci acceptance, but if I strike out in Michigan that's it for urban planning programs. What about yourself? Are you applying for any other fields or is this it?
  10. Nothing on my end. It doesn't seem like they've given out decisions for the MA program either. And congrats @Mrobay.
  11. You have my sympathies. With any luck we both get into Michigan.
  12. Triple ouch. Woke up to a rejection letter from UCI. I still have Michigan as a hope but.. Congrats to those who got in.
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