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  1. that's not what I meant. I'm just saying that the fact it wasn't a rejection still means that I am still in the running, so I am keeping my hopes and positivity up! I am not fixated on trying to find out today.
  2. @Iced decaf americano oh my goodness! This made me super jumpy, I went to my account and still got the message that results will be posted in a week or two... As of now, I am assuming no news is good news! Let's keep the hope up yall!
  3. Not entirely sure, I wonder if you are on a short-list for the waitlist? Might be worth to ask the coordinator after the interview weekend happened?
  4. My official rejection came later haha, I was also anticipating this rejection since I didn't get an invite. No hard feelings at all because this was actually last on my list since it wasn't that great of a research fit. Onto the next one!
  5. Did you ask the coordinator about your application status or did you get an mass email? I checked my application online and no updates there
  6. I really appreciate this post so much. I myself am a person of color, and ethnic/racial diversity will be a factor as I weigh in my options. I will be taking note how diverse the graduate students, prospective students, and faculty/administrators are in the institution/program when I interview/visit. I even communicated this to one of the potential advisor that I would be working with. It's tricky because my whole career/academic trajectory thus far, I have been usually the only male person of color in my developmental psych courses both on the undergrad and master's level, which made me
  7. Has anyone heard back from University of Wisconsin-Madison?
  8. I need a little vent session because I feel like I am going a little coocoo. I am extremely grateful to have multiple interview invites, but the excitement tends to quickly dissipate the moment I book my travel arrangements. I am not a big traveler, and I get super depleted dealing with the airport and flights. And now..... I basically have every weekend booked for an interview for the whole month of February and the first weekend in March.... x_x To make matters worse, even though I am pretty easy going and sociable, I am introverted by nature, so I do need my solo time to just col
  9. I got accepted into UMN's ICD Dev Psych program!!! I AM COMPLETELY ELATED!! I am so happy that I now know that I will be going to grad school, it became that much more real T_T
  10. @Ravenwood8 congratulations!! that is exciting news!!! *now frantically staring at my phone manifesting a phone call to come*
  11. I'm also on edge waiting for Minnesota ICD... keeping my fingers crossed that this week will end with some good news! Honestly, I was anticipating to hear from majority from the programs I applied to this week... but it's been completely silent >_>
  12. Similar to you, I only had communication with my POI's when I notified them that I was applying to their lab and once I submitted my application. I have not had any contact with my POI's after receiving the formal invitation. I decided to just keep all contact only with the Developmental faculty head after the receiving my invitation.
  13. The other day, I was re-reading the 'how to apply' page on UMN ICD's website and saw this: After you submit your application, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Application review begins directly after the deadline and continues through mid-January. An admissions committee made up of faculty from the Institute of Child Development will review your application and pass along their recommendations to the entire faculty for a final decision. Students who are offered admission will be sent an invitation in January to our Prospective Student Weekend, which takes place the last full weekend
  14. I applied to Steinhardt and I have yet to hear anything back. I am anticipating in the next week or two, they should letting us to know if we are invited for an interview (but this is me just guessing). It may be worth checking in with the grad coordinator with your question about how one of your LOR arrived later may impact your application?
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