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  1. "That got really annoying" petty-bourgeoisie privilege alert.
  2. Add it to the list of reasons for why we needed a Communist Revolution.
  3. You CANNOT talk about World War I and not consider the spectre of global communism revolution. Europe was on fire and the Left was a scary possibility to Europe's capitalist elite and their politicians. See, in particular: Ireland, Russia, labour unrest in the UK, and Germany. The concomitant rise of communism and its watered down forms in conjunction with capitalist-nationalism is a narrative that need be told to offer non-teleological alternatives to the carnage, exploitation, and death wrought by imperial-capitalist competition.
  4. Hey all, saying hello from the History forum and politely asking for some help So, could one of you lovely people provide me with a strong reading list for surrealism? Broad, yes. But I would appreciate the help and would like to get some good advice on both broad, general intros as well as specific monographs/works that are more complex (please and thank you). Cheers!
  5. Great point. Listen to this advice. You really should accept UCLA's offer.
  6. Statement of purpose, without a doubt, could have been better for me. They were all slightly vague, perhaps reflecting my lack of sureness in a dissertation topic, but where I was most specific, confident and well-read, I was accepted. Where I was kinda-sorta interested in maybe this, I was not.
  7. Sweet! Similarly I am interested in the 17-18th centuries anglo-world and will be working with Owen Stanwood as well! I am more interested in a transatlantic look at the Irish during this era but am very much interested in colonial/revolutionary America as well. Cool
  8. I will be hiking in the Maine woods, reading some books here and there, practicing my French + Spanish, and preparing to move.
  9. No worries, friends! I'm sure if I stopped be lazy and looked more myself I could find plenty! I have to say, though, that War and Peace is a great read. Long as heck, to be sure, but truly fun
  10. What is the best way to find apartments in Boston? I am trying zillow, padmapper and craigslist (and the BC students webpage). Anything else???
  11. War and Peace - Tolstoy The State and Revolution- Lenin I'm looking for some suggestions, though, on medieval and ancient European histories. It's not my field, but I'm just curious on some good surveys. I best get some "fun" reading before beginning grad studies next Fall!
  12. Someone asked about UVA- I got my rejection soooo..... They probably like you more and have you somewhere in the trying to figure out where to place you in terms of a wait-list/admission/rejection still? Anyone hear from Upenn??? Or Upitt??
  13. If you know what you're interested in and you're ready to commit, go for it. I did, was fortunate enough to be accepted, and am very thankful I went for it.
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