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  1. RE: Vandy Interviews. While most who attend interviews at Vandy get offers, all do not. I know of at least one applicant last year who interviewed and did not receive an offer of admission.
  2. Yes, Mark Valeri at UPS (Richmond) is very good. Last I heard, though, the PhD program was not admitting students due to funding issues (this has been the case for at least the last two years). Perhaps they have reopened the program this fall? Also, at Notre Dame there are a number of folks in the Theology doing resourcement work with Edwards's thought (and apparently Mark Noll has begun to focus some attention on him as well), although less attention is given to reading him contextually. So if you fancy yourself a historian it probably won't be the best fit. You could give it a spin, though, if you are interested in the theology side of things.
  3. You should check out Vanderbilt. Peter Lake and Paul Lim both work on the English Puritans, and Jimmy Byrd does American Puritans. Three faculty working on Puritans is a rarity in the US. Regarding your undergrad GPA, yes this will probably hurt you. If it was at least 3.0 it would be a lot better. That said, if you can finish with a 3.7 or higher at a respected seminary/div school then you will still have a chance. If not you will probably not have a chance. GPA and GRE won't get you in, but they definitely can weed you out. If you are below 3.7 in grad school or your verbal GRE is below 700, I wouldn't bother applying. Just being honest... Also, don't waste your time getting a degree from a program that is not top ten, unless you don't care that much about getting a teaching job when you are done. The job market is RIDICULOUSLY competitive, and the reality is that when you are competing for a job, a degree from random U. isn't going to cut it against the folks who have top ten pedigree. The only qualification to this would be if you are working with a big name in a field (say, Richard Muller at Calvin or something like that) who just happens to be in a non-top-tier institution. Again, just being honest. You don't want to waste 5-7 years of your life doing something that can't get you a job when you're finished...
  4. There is no such thing as non-denominational. Everyone is located somewhere. Denying your location within a particular tradition just exhibits either a) ignorance or arrogance. Non-denominational is some variation of the free church tradition, of which, of course, there are many flavors. Most of them are pretty bland.
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to graciously decline an offer of admission? Phone/email? Give reasons or not? Etc. Also, I've been admitted at my top choice and am on the waitlist at another school. Should I contact them to remove myself from their waitlist? Thanks for the advice...
  6. These kinds of lists are always problematic. The ranking always depends upon your priorities (academic reputation; desire for or aversion to a confessional identity; training for ministry, academics, or both?). If you are asking about academic reputation, my impression is that Harvard Div. has dropped off of late...and I would wonder about putting Drew and perhaps Vanderbilt on the same plane with the others. Also, R.R. Reno might be stretching things to put Notre Dame first, but it seems hard to leave them out of the top five. And a couple of the evangelical places probably deserve mention, although your theological persuasion probably has a lot to do with determining a conclusion there... I would say something more like: Yale Chicago Duke ND Emory (Gordon-Conwell, Vanderbilt, Princeton)
  7. Is it ever appropriate to include GRE scores on a CV? One of the Religion PhD programs to which I am applying requested a copy of my CV to circulate to faculty in order to set up on campus meetings. My verbal score is in the high 700s, and given that the faculty will not have the benefit of the rest of my application at this point I am wondering whether I should include my GRE scores. I thought I'd post this question as it may be relevant to others as well. Thanks for the advice....
  8. Has anyone heard from programs (interview, acceptance, wait list, rejection, fellowships, etc.)? Post it here!
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