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  1. I'm at Uconn for mind/cogsci, let me know if you have last minute questions before you make the final decision to decline! Congrats on your offers!!
  2. They definitely have re-opened for applications because I applied last year. There are risks to attending a program that is being massively restructured for a few reasons. If you're concerned with ranking, that can change a lot as faculty shifts around. It's just difficult to know how the restructure will affect the department, and reputation matters a lot. Also don't underestimate the importance of a program with a good and supportive climate. Of course their restructuring was supposed to fix the climate issues but it's hard to know whether that has been effective. That being said, I personally don't see any problem with at least applying. There is a cost/benefit analysis for applications but the best advice I got applying to graduate school was cast a wide net and apply to as many places as is feasible. If you get in, you can visit and decide for yourself if you see yourself there. I got on the wait list when I applied and I probably wouldn't have gone if I got in (because the program I'm in now is a better fit for my research interests)- but honestly I considered going there just for the location. This photo of campus was included in an e-mail telling us that all wait listed applicants could attend the MA program (without funding of course):
  3. I was actually lucky enough to do fine without studying
  4. Wow you worked hard and it paid off! Congrats. Now I feel guilty for not working as hard -- I did 0 studying. Good job!
  5. I think he means overall, not just TGC users, whom I assume the survey would be biased toward. It seems accurate to say that most people overall get in nowhere, probabilistically based on acceptance rates.
  6. Travel from Keller to Fort worth isn't too bad. It can range depending on traffic but never longer than an hour. You learn to work around traffic too, there are different routes with less traffic, so it usually took me 40 ish.
  7. YAYYY OVEROVEROVER so happy for you! I was hoping my acceptance wouldn't leave you out. How exciting!!!
  8. Attending UConn!! Turned down Fellowship offer from GSU, funded offer from UMSL, and wait lists from CU Boulder and UW Madison
  9. Thank you for the input. Indeed it was one of my top choices. I just can't bank on getting in there is all, I know it is competitive and my undergraduate GPA is poor- so part of me wants to take the opportunity for a good PhD while I have it
  10. I'm still wait listed at UW Madison and CU Boulder! I contacted Madison and they said I'm with a group of people at the top of the waitlist. I'm deciding whether in my situation it might be useful to pursue an MA first at GSU. It's hard because UConn is excellent for what I want to do and has such great placement. GSU is also great for what I want to do but obviously I want a PhD eventually. But there's a tiny part of me that likes the idea of having an open future after 2 years where I can apply again to PhD's in Philosophy, perhaps I will decide to also apply to PhD's in Psychology or Neuroscience too since i find myself at the intersection between the disciplines mostly. Then I flip around and think if I just go straight into PhD I will be done more quickly, or if I decide I hate it (very unlikely) could always get the MA on the way and transfer out, etc etc. All my weighted decision tables come out exactly equal +/- 0.02 utility points and so I'm asking my "gut" for help but it's being conveniently silent.
  11. I'm trying to make my decision on UConn. It's such a great program but I keep going back and forth in my head. I will do my best to figure it out today overoverover. Rooting for you.
  12. Same goes here. Still not sure where I'll be but obviously I'll know by Wednesday. Best of luck to everyone in these last couple days of deciding!
  13. I would feel this way if I was wait listed at one of my top choice programs or not happy with the MA offer, but neither of these conditions obtains. I understand your perspective but I think it's circumstantial. In my situation I've even considered denying a PhD offer that comes through in favor of the MA program. That would be a risk, to be sure, but there are some specifics to my situation that make me believe the MA is not automatically inferior to going straight into PhD....
  14. It's crazy! But if someone rejects an offer at 11:59 on the 15th what's that school to do?
  15. Did you just apply to the one program? I'd just wait it out until the 15th, then maybe try e-mailing again. The fact that many acceptances and rejections have already been released doesn't necessarily mean anything, they just release them in rounds sometimes. You may be on an internal wait list.
  16. Looks like it's actually going to come down to the 15th for me.... Scary! I decided if I haven't heard from my wait lists by noon on Wednesday I will turn them all down and accept the MA offer.
  17. Gonzaga's MA deadline is May 15. http://www.gonzaga.edu/academics/colleges+and+schools/college+of+arts+and+Sciences/Majors-Programs/Philosophy/Graduate-Program/Philosophy_graduate_admissions.asp It's not ranked and isn't funded so I don't know how attractive it would be to any of you but there is is anyway.
  18. It's April 13th and still no word from my wait lists! This is getting ridiculous!
  19. I agree with jailbreak. But realistically I plan to make all my decisions during business hours so schools have chances to move down the wait list. Still noon or 1 should be fine.
  20. Especially in cases like this, I definitely agree that there are no real "bragging rights" that come with pursuing a specialized track. That said, I do not think that the "impure transcript will just look weak." Actually, if I were an admissions officer I would think it a benefit that an applicant was "well rounded." Specifically for things like Philosophy of Mind, it's becoming more and more common and some would argue necessary to integrate some knowledge about empirical sciences, namely neuroscience and psychology. I don't think one should pursue a specialized track for the sole reason to add the "credential" (if it can even be called that) to one's transcript, however I think it can be a good way to demonstrate interest in a particular field. If I go to GSU I'm doing the Neurophilosophy track because I would like to take Neuroscience courses anyway, I think they are useful for the kind of Philosophy I would like to do, so it attracted me to their program that this would not only be allowed but even encouraged. Edit: To really answer your question in terms of PhD admissions, I think it's probably null, depending on situation it might be very slightly positive. If its helpful to take courses outside of Philosophy, I think it would depend on the courses themselves not just the title slapped onto the transcript. )Of course this is speculation and dependent upon situation, and the ideals of the individual that goes over your transcript)
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