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  1. ElizabethIsGolden

    Online vs. in-person programs?

    Depends where you are. I am applying to get a JD right now so that I have more to offer. But as I live in New England, there are many places to work. If you're rural, I'm sure it's pretty bad. You need to live in an area with lots of law libraries (law schools, county libraries, jail/prison, etc.).
  2. ElizabethIsGolden

    2019 App Cycle

    I will message you now. Thank you so much!
  3. ElizabethIsGolden

    Is it normal to feel bored in a Masters program

    Hi! I am earning two masters: A MLIS and an MA (History). I feel bored from time to time. Sometimes courses cover stuff I already know. Some cover stuff I don't care about or aren't interested in. Sometimes the work feels pointless. But I know it's worth it for the degree in the end. I am even applying to more programs. I think that as long as not EVERYTHING is boring to you, that's okay. If everything is boring to you, perhaps you are in the wrong field. If you find that you hate doing it or that you don't care about anything, you might want to reevaluate. But as another grad student, I do feel bored sometimes. So I would say that is normal. Good luck!
  4. ElizabethIsGolden

    JD/PhD in Criminology and Justice Policy OR JD/MS in Crime and Justice Studies

    Thank you so much for the insight! That is incredibly helpful. I will take it all into consideration as I move forward. I appreciate the help!
  5. ElizabethIsGolden

    2019 App Cycle

    I'm applying! To Suffolk and Northeastern for their dual-degrees with JDs. Suffolk is a JD/MS in Crime and Justice Studies and Northeastern is a JD/PhD in Criminology and Justice Policy. This is all on my way to being a law librarian! I graduated undergrad in 2014 with a double-BA in History and English. In May 2019 I will finish my MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science). In August 2019 I will finish my MA History. Just signed up to take the GRE (again) and the LSAT. Can't believe I am doing grad school apps again! What does everyone else want to do with their degree? I know I'm an outsider with my law librarian track!
  6. ElizabethIsGolden

    Which MLIS programs are strongest for law librarianship?

    Hi! I am finishing my MLIS and then getting the JD so the opposite of you. From what I understand, it doesn't really matter where you get your MLIS. So I would choose which school you like best and can afford. I will be getting my MLIS from Simmons with a concentration in Archiving in Spring 2019. If you have other questions, let me know. I might have to poke you about JD degrees! Good luck! Elizabeth
  7. ElizabethIsGolden

    Online vs. in-person programs?

    Hi! My MLIS has been half online and half in-person. I finish in Spring 2019. It does not really matter to employers. If it's ALA-accredited and you do well, that is all that really counts. Online is pretty much the same in terms of internships. You just do one locally. My experience is somewhat different since my degree is an MLIS but also for Archiving. So it's taking four years instead of 3 (I go to Simmons). As I am almost done with my degree, if you have any questions, let me know. I'm more than willing to answer them. Good luck! Elizabeth
  8. Hello! I am currently finishing up a dual-degree program for an MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) and MA (Master of Arts) in History. I want to be a law librarian and I know that it is best to get a JD for that on top of the MLIS. I also want to consult on criminal law cases so I thought it best to also get a PhD or MS in a field relating to that. I have found two programs that I like at Northeastern and Suffolk. The problem is that I'm not sure which one I like more. I also wonder if I would even get in since I already have two masters. Is there such thing as having too much education for these things? I have to take the LSAT and possibly the GRE (again) which is a lot of money so if I don't have a chance, I'd rather not waste my time or money. I just know what I want to do with my life and I want to actually make a difference. Any/all insight is welcomed. Thank you for your time! Elizabeth
  9. ElizabethIsGolden

    Am I even good enough? I need some serious advice.

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your words and advice. I took them all very seriously! I was not accepted to Durham or Oxford but was accepted for the dual-degree program at Simmons. I am waiting to hear back from Cambridge. (Does anyone know about the Cambridge process? My online portal has been on "under consideration by the degree committee" for what seems like forever.) Sorry it took so long to get back to you all. I had surgery and I wanted to wait until I had some news. At least I got accepted somewhere. Thanks again, Ecie <3
  10. Hi, My name is Ecie and I am losing my mind. I've completed two applications to grad school and am waiting to hear back but I don't know if I should apply to more. I'm not confident about myself or my abilities because of my past and so I need some advice on applying to more schools. Here is my undergraduate information: -obtained a double-major History/English degree in 2.5 years (versus the normal 4 years) ----concentrations were European History and Creative Writing -was a library aid at school -was a RA -was a peer mentor -was a summer RA -was accepted to four honor societies ----History ----English ----RA ----Center for Academic Excellence -was an emerging scholar -was on the Center for Academic Excellence's Student Advisory Board -was part of the three-year program (but graduated even earlier at 2.5 years) -made Dean's List each semester -have a 3.591 GPA When not at school and currently, I am a children's/YA assistant librarian in a public library. I need advice because I want to go to grad school for Medieval History (specifically British/Irish) and so I know I kind of need to go overseas. I did apply to Simmons College for the dual-Masters in Archives and History since I already work in libraries and do love it. I applied to Oxford and am thinking about applying to Cambridge, Durham, and King's College London (all in the UK). I just... don't know if I'm good enough. My GPA is slightly lower than most of the schools are looking for but I feel like my graduating so early might make up for it since it shows how determined, hardworking, and passionate I am. Especially because I have a chronic kidney condition and had to do all my work even when I ended up in the hospital a few times. I guess my question is... AM I good enough? Or should I lower my aims even though that would make me unhappy? Please help! Thanks for anyone who tries to help me out. It is much appreciated. <3

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