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  1. Oh wow, there is something to be said for awkward grad students - what a terrible way to deflect.
  2. You're going to kill it this application cycle! --- I just want to hear from one school. I spoke to a friend of mine at Berkeley and he said that the department (usually) lets them know who they've admitted once the admissions committee has decided and it sounds like he hasn't heard anything (unless he didn't want to be the one to reject me LMAO), so... I don't know how accurate the Berkeley phone calls are!
  3. It means you're a finalist, congrats. I presume it means you might not get in or you will, but it's better than not being invited to this event. I didn't apply to ND.
  4. None of us can tell what this really means. Once you're above the cut off - which you are - it's about your SoP, LoR and WS. Also other things - e.g. maybe the person you want as a POI is a known asshole (but unbeknownst to you) and they don't have any students for that reason.
  5. I really have no idea, but if I had to guess I would say that schools ranked 20-30 require a stronger "fit" with the dept - and this is impossible for us as applicants to know, given that fit depends on so many things like whether a professor even takes students - whereas top 10 depts are so broad and strong in most ares of poli sci. So if you have a mainstream poli sci interest that they are excited about, you should be fine in a top 10 dept, but there is a chance that might not be covered at all in the 20-30 school. You have two waitlists - that's awesome! I wouldn't count yourself out
  6. Because I have too much time on my hands and I've read pretty much every results thread - no not really. There is no such thing as a safety school when it comes to PhD programs and it's very likely a school ranked 20-30 is looking for very different things when compared to a top 10 school. So your app might be a perfect fit for a top 10 - but then again, no one knows.
  7. I'm beginning to think that there's no point in wondering if it's true or not. Either way we'll know the results for all of our apps in a few weeks.
  8. If you're not here to speculate or chat, why are you here? Just wait for your emails to land in your email inbox and go get a life.
  9. I think the March release date sounds like a CYA thing just in case they say they'll be out in January but they actually don't release them until mid February - all notifications will definitely be out by March, including rejections. Doesn't Northwestern stagger rejections anyway?
  10. You mean for grad school advice or in general? I found that tweet by searching "grad school" in the search box. I follow people in my subfield - I find Americanists are pretty active on Twitter - as well as people who are active in other areas (e.g. R Twitter and so on). Whatever your interests are.
  11. Advice: Get on twitter if you're not already!
  12. If this is related to your research interests, apply!
  13. I think I'm going to stop checking the survey page. I know this forum is only one step above in terms of verification and anyone could lie here as well, but the survey, man... we just don't know how accurate the entries are, so all it does is raise your blood pressure.
  14. From a UMass professor (I feel like this is even worse than say Yale - I would have thought that with such a large ugrad program, UMass would need the TA labor) : In econ, but still (nothing on halving acceptances though): I saw a tweet from a Yale grad student/ABD in poli sci months ago saying they were halving their class as well. Twitter sucks when it comes to digging up old tweets, so I'll try and find it but no promises.
  15. Academic twitter is talking about how it's a bloodbath this year (FML) - double the apps, half the spots.
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