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  1. That is so awesome. I love the idea of animal lovers banding together to safely transport pets long distances. Someone needs to write a book about this if there's not one written already.
  2. Yeah, I have these concerns. The companies I've been speaking with assure me that the airlines they work with are used to flying pets and pets are the last thing on the plane and the first thing off when they land. But they can't really control what goes on at the airport. And, sadly. as it turns out... I may just fly with my remaining cat. We had to put Steve down on Monday. He was the one who had such trouble traveling. With one cat who is more calm, I think I can fly with him under my seat or take him in the car. I'm heartbroken but it was for the best. He had cancer and was in a lot of pai
  3. OMG my cat that I had when I was little would poop EVERY TIME we took him to the vet. It wasn't even that long of a car ride. I think he did it just to piss us off. One time, he puked on his brother on the way to the vet. Unfortunately, my cat right now is having stomach issues. Hoping that clears up real soon and doesn't affect his ability to travel.
  4. This is awesome. Thank you. If we do end up sticking them in the car with us, this is very helpful info to have. I like the idea of putting food in the carrier beforehand. I plan to put a blanket and one of my pajama shirts (worn a few times) in with them, too. Poor critters. I wish I could just be a Harry Potter character and turn them into cushions or something for the ride!
  5. Yeah - I'm definitely going to talk to my vet. I feel like taking them on the road will just prolong their misery. Flying them would mean their journey would be over in 5 hours, total, as opposed to a 15 hour car ride. It'll cost me more, but I think it's worth it. As long as my vet okays them for air travel, of course.
  6. Yeah, it makes me feel like I'm torturing him. Ugh!
  7. I've tried this and my cat fights them, making himself more miserable.
  8. I was accepted at University of Louisiana-Lafayette and I'll be moving there this summer from Chicago with my boyfriend and two cats. I am seriously considering using a pet relocation service that would handle flying my cats from Chicago. Has anyone had any experience with these services? My cats are a huge part of my life and mental well-being, so I am very nervous. However, sticking them in a car for 14 hours is not an option for me. I appreciate any advice you all might have regarding these pet relocation companies. Thanks!
  9. Yep - the two relocation services have already warned me about this. Plus you have to buy a special kennel for them. It will be expensive, no doubt. I wish I could just transform them into car-loving dogs for this trip!
  10. There actually are a couple pet relocation services. They all arrange for the pets to fly to their destination since this is usually faster and less traumatic than a long car ride. I've been looking into and pricing out a couple companies. They aren't cheap but I think it will be worth it. Driving stresses me out enough already. Combine that with moving, starting a PhD, worrying about everything.... then add two freaked out cats? No thanks. I will pick them up at the airport. LOL
  11. Okay, someone must live in Lafayette! I need help with an apartment search!
  12. Okay, first I was freaking out about not getting accepted and now I'm freaking out about the idea of moving from Chicago to Louisiana. How do people move across the country?!
  13. How did your cats do on the trip? We have two and I'm (probably, haven't officially accepted yet) moving from Chicago to Louisiana. One of them cries and cries in the car. The other just sits silently, wide-eyed. How did you transport all your stuff, plus cats, etc.? The logistics of this move are starting to freak me out.
  14. Ugh. This is so helpful. I inherited my German grandmother's generous bosom, so the summer's eve stuff will definitely be on my shopping list. I never thought I'd need to own a fan. I thought that only happened in the movies. LOL. Thank you!!
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