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  1. Tufts or UC Irvine or Hunter?

    "It might also be helpful to ask program advisors/directors where recent graduates have ended up in the last few years. (I.e., did they get curatorial positions in museums? Move on to PhD programs? exit the industry? etc.)" This. There seem to be a lot of Hunter M.A. grads who have curatorial positions. So, if that's what you're seeking, Hunter might be a great option. If you decide to pursue a PhD in art history later on having an MFA could make your application process more challenging. While many programs now recognize the benefits of MFA-->PhD candidates, more traditional schools may not be as accommodating. Also: I will be firm in saying do not take out an exorbitant amount of debt for your M.A. unless you have someone (parent, partner) who can support you after graduation, or you're willing to work outside the field. Not only are jobs few and far between, but they often don't pay well. (Just my opinion, though!) Congrats on your three acceptances--that's super exciting!
  2. Fall 2018

    Anyone want to claim that U Del rejection? Haven't heard either way--just curious.
  3. Fall 2018

    I completely rewrote my SOP. Granted, the first time I applied I had little experience, compared to this year. Also my interests and scholarship evolved so I made sure to really communicate how and why. Also, I think I now realize that my SOP from 2 years ago was totally weird and came across as too theoretical. It didn't demonstrate how I am interested in applying my scholarship, just that I enjoyed studying a particular topic! I didn't change my writing sample because it was my M.A. thesis (and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into it and I am super proud of it). The topic isn't something I'm currently pursuing, or plan to in my PhD program, but I made sure to touch on how it helped me arrive at my current interests.
  4. Fall 2018

    I think they were implying that 11,000 people applied to the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences or whatever (at least that's what my rejection letter made it sound like).
  5. Fall 2018

    I would think PhD programs might be more inclined to accept someone with teaching experience than curatorial experience--but I guess it depends on the program? Good luck in your application season! It sounds like you have a lot of great experience.
  6. Fall 2018

    This is my second time applying to graduate programs. The first time around I received all rejections (I applied to 13 programs. Just a tip: don't do that). I took two years off in between my M.A. and applying again, and I'm glad I did. I wrote exhibition reviews, worked as a freelance research assistant, presented at a few major conferences (which allowed me to really develop my interests) and later received a pretty prestigious year-long fellowship. These experiences helped me to strengthen my application and prove to admissions committees that I was really committed to my scholarship and my field. I came from a low-tier program, so the extra experience probably helped demonstrate that I wasn't just a mediocre student. My M.A. adviser also helped me meet new people in my field, constantly sent me opportunities, and was there when I needed guidance and support (even after I graduated). Those two years were productive, but also marked with lots of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. Like, I was working customer service during the day and writing my conference presentations at night. It's really hard to be an independent researcher and writer without affiliation. If you find small but meaningful opportunities related to your area of interest (or a good museum job or teaching/tutoring position), and keep updating your CV during that gap year, it can pay off!
  7. Fall 2018

    I would also be interested in hearing from others regarding proper attire. I’m planning on dressing like I would for work: black jeans, nice shoes/boots, maybe a blouse and black blazer? I mean, is a suit TOO much? My POI’s at both schools are fairly casual from what I can tell, but I am terrified of showing up underdressed. HALP.
  8. Fall 2018

    I thought the same thing about the acceptance board this year, in general. So many decisions are rolling in earlier than previous years...
  9. Fall 2018

    I'm trying to remain hopeful, but my gut instinct tells me that if we weren't contacted by Penn for an interview by now the chance of acceptance is slim. Same goes for Northwestern. Harvard doesn't do interviews, FYI. Sending y'all good vibes. Wine helps.
  10. Fall 2018

    To the other UCSD admit: PM me?
  11. Fall 2018

    Wow, already a rejection from UCSD? I still haven’t heard anything and it’s driving me crazy. UCSD is my dream program 🙁
  12. Funding Doc for Art History

    While I partly agree with you, I also think it's important to both update and circulate this document. Transparency is important, and it's unethical (IMO) for Ph.D. programs in the Humanities to take students and NOT fully fund them. For example: it's helpful for me to know what other candidates have been awarded in their 5th, 6th, and (gasp) 7th years. I also find it interesting that some programs do not include a teaching component as part of their stipend/fellowship awards, but shell out way more money than other "competitive" private institutions. These are factors that heavily influenced my decision on where to apply.
  13. Fall 2016 Applicants

    Just curious: for those who were rejected from Chicago, are you in the process of earning your M.A./have already graduated with a M.A., or are you applying directly from a B.A. program?
  14. Fall 2016 Applicants

    Has anyone else been invited by CUNY to the CAA breakfast? It seems like last year everyone who applied was extended an invite, but perhaps that's not the case this year.