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  1. I would like to trade thoughts on SOP with you.
  2. Hello, are you still seeking someone for trading thoughts on SoP?
  3. I'd like to exchange SOP with you for feedback. I am applying for the doctoral programs in social work.
  4. UChicago v.s. WUSTL

    Hi, many thanks for your information! How about your personal experience in UChicago?
  5. UChicago v.s. WUSTL

    I am in a dilemma because UChicago and WUSTL are both excellent schools. Also, I am an international student, so I know less than you guys. Could you do me a favor to help me to decide the attending school? My concentration is Health, to be more specific, Disability. After getting MSW degree, I will continue to fight for PhD degree. Cost is not in my consideration because they are both expensive! Many thanks!!!
  6. WUSTL Fall 2016 Admits

    I have paid the deposit for attending Brown School. Due to that I am an international student, I wish to know more about Wash U. Could anyone help me realized the features of this program?
  7. Boston College SSW, Fall 2016

    @KatePurpleOrchids Sorry, I declined the offer this morning. There is no scholarship, which makes me disappointed.
  8. Columbia vs. UChicago

    If I were you, I would choose Columbia University. They both have programs that you like,right? The factor of location sometimes plays a vital role! New York is a better place because of its diversity and various international organizations. Last, I have been to information session of Columbia, I think it is pretty nice!!!
  9. Boston College SSW, Fall 2016

    Wow, I received admission email yesterday! I feel thrilled! However, I need to make a decision of attending in three weeks.So hurry!
  10. University of Chicago SSA - Fall 2016

    One of my friend got accepted and another was rejected. I have no any notification now, I am so nervous!!!
  11. Through great effort, I succeeded in creating an account with VPN! Glad to find this thread. I submitted my application on 30/12/2015. So I am waiting for the result now. So worried because my TOEFL is only 97 now!!! Hope I could get admission!