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  1. You have all already shared this, but how much did y'all get in scholarship? I'm wondering what the max is. I got $11,000.
  2. I did, and I was accepted in February. My friend applied by the 1/15 deadline and she still hasn't heard back. The assistant director of admissions wants to get coffee with her in May. My friend thinks it means she's a low priority applicant. If you haven't gotten a decision by now, it probably means you're not a target candidate.
  3. If anyone is looking for a place to live right by the UChicago campus, I'm subleasing my room in an apartment from June 2018 - June 2019!
  4. Did they offer you a place on the waitlist, and did you accept? Or was it an email saying "You have been put on the waitlist"?
  5. Amen to all of this. The year of attending your dream school is really just play time, because you learn the same material at any other school. Really, really, expensive play time.
  6. Don't you guys have other things to do? Lol. Keep busy.
  7. Congratulations @TooExcited&Nervous!!!!!
  8. I really wanted to live downtown, where it's the most exciting but that couldn't happen without a roommate in my actual bedroom.
  9. I'm going to paste my connection's entire email because I think it's pretty insightful! ------------------ To answer your questions: 1) Keep in mind that your area of interest and track of study impact your experience, choice of courses and practicum a lot. 2) I can only share with you my experiences, so what I share may not be the common experience people experience. It was not easy to get my first choice practicum site, but that may be because my student status (visa as a international student), track (its harder for international students to do clinical because of secur
  10. That's among what I heard from someone I know who graduated from Columbia Social Work. She was an international student and she said people were clique-y. The exact words from her email: "Although everyone was doing social work, many people have sub-conscious presumptions that are clearly shown in the way they talk and interact with others. This was something that bothered me, however, I was able to find classmates and friends that were not judgmental."
  11. Nope! I didn't find out yet. I kind of jumped the gun by committing before waiting to hear back from all schools, but Columbia just doesn't make sense to attend for me!
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