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  1. Doc2016

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    I was accepted on 4/18 after interviewing on 4/11. I bugged them a lot about the interview (I was originally invited on 3/1, but couldn't make it) because NYU was waiting on me to decide. But I was told the same thing, OML director interviews everyone. Apparently the cohort is only 25 people max, so I guess it makes sense. I am not sure I have much to offer, except to say they are working, albeit very, very slowly. good luck!
  2. Doc2016

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    I left message yesterday and did not hear back. Called again this morning and the woman on the other end said, "Oh, we've released more dates... I am not sure why you wouldn't have heard. I think most have passed, but we have tomorrow available." Tomorrow! I have a job and see patients, I can't just cancel with a day's notice! So frustrated with them. I was accepted to NYU, but REALLY don't want to spend that much $$$, even with $15k, it's still more for 1 year than Hunter is for 2. They re supposed to email a link with more dates/times.
  3. Doc2016

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    So frustrated. Was offered an interview for 3/1 but I wasn’t available and they said I’d hear back to reschedule. Nothing in a week so I emailed last Thursday. Still nothing. I was able to get an extension for making a decision at NYU, but l’m just tapping my foot waiting for Hunter. Ugh.
  4. Doc2016

    Another "help me with plan B" thread :(

    Oh, I agree there are definitely advantages, I was just offering for comparison.
  5. Doc2016

    Another "help me with plan B" thread :(

    I can definitely relate! This is my third round applying and I am quite a few years older than you. If I start NOW I will finish when I am 45. I have been accepted to 2 partially-funded PhD programs so far and can't decide what to do. Do I give up 4 years of income and spend an extra $100k+ on top of my already large student loan debt to... make basically the same money I can in my current situation? Sure, I'd be "following my dream," but is my dream worth that much money, really? I've been going back-and-forth all over the place. I also applied to MSW programs because I moved to NYC after my master's that leads to an MFT. MFTs don't have anywhere near the same number of opportunities in NY as in CA, they love MSWs here. So I could do that and just work clinically. Or I could pursue a career in research, which is what I am doing now. Anyway, this isn't helping you, but know you are not alone. I have started going through the things that matter to me: money spent, income lost, expected salary, location, research opportunity, job opportunities, match with students, career goals, etc. and weighing each item. What things are MOST important to me? Once I have finished, I will add everything up and hope it helps me make a decision. Good luck figuring it out and let us know what you decide!
  6. Doc2016

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I personally wouldn’t this early. The POI isn’t going to forget to tell you if you do get accepted and the person ahead of you does have until 4/15. I’ve been on 3 waiting lists in past years and I feel like I was told immediately (within a day or so) of when they knew I wouldn’t get in. Maybe if you haven’t heard anything by EOM? Side note: if you haven’t done a “where am I on the list?” email, that’s an option, depending how the waitlist was offered (I know some give info up front). It sucks. It’s a waiting game for everyone, schools and students alike. 😕
  7. Doc2016

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    Sorry for the delay (and double posting), but I applied prior to deadline. I think 1/18
  8. Doc2016

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    Maybe it depends on the “method” to which you applied?
  9. Doc2016

    Hunter Silberman School Fall 2019 Admissions

    Just got an email to interview for 2 year (OML) track for 3/1. I requested an alternate date.
  10. Doc2016

    Fall 2019 Psychology Doctoral ACCEPTANCES!!

    Me too! Congrats!!!
  11. Doc2016

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    School: St. John’s University Type: Phd Clinical Psychology Date of invite: 2/8 Type of invite: email Interview date(s): 2/28
  12. Doc2016

    Status of LPC/LCSW in Different States

    I can say in NY, MSW is definitely more respected and opens more doors. I was a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in CA, and have found opportunities for anything other than LM/CSW to be severely lacking.
  13. Doc2016

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Not guaranteed, but likely. Some schools send a second round if interviews are turned down by 1st round. Oftentimes though, they’ll send a waitlist email to that effect.
  14. Doc2016

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Feeling pretty confident FDU and Adelphi are done as they were both mass emails. St. John’s didn’t send out until 2/6 last year. I didn’t get an interview at FDU (a little shocked tbh), but at Adelphi, I listed JG and JM as POIs of interest in my SOP
  15. Doc2016

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Did yours come today too?

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