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  1. My roommate and I just put together our Ikea desks and I feel so much better. Just waiting to pick up some Command hooks & a monitor and I'll have my workstation all set to go Any advice on what to wear for a program icebreaker/orientation session? It's icebreakers, a scavenger hunt, and a social at a bar but because my program's a half-professional one I'm at a total loss for how everyone will be dressed
  2. In all honesty, it's hard to say what the admission pools are going to look like year to year. From this year, I would guess that those stats are pretty competitive - I was in that realm (not sure exactly what my calculated GPAs were, as my undergrad was on a 4.3 and there's no published conversion calculator used by the universities) and was accepted to all three, with funding. I had some relevant experience (mostly partisan political) but also a fair bit of unrelated. For you, and anyone else applying, if you meet the minimums and you would legitimately want to do the program, then just apply! Who knows, maybe next year all of a sudden tons of people are interested in the programs. Or maybe interest goes down. Either way, you won't know going in exactly what the competition looks like. Best of luck!
  3. I emailed both programs. Tabbatha said NPSIA's electives are usually around 20, but the core classes are the entire cohort. GSPIA told me their seminars are 15-20, with some being smaller than that.
  4. Would I be crazy to turn down NPSIA? I feel like the profs there are amazing and obviously it's competitive, but after looking closer into the options at GSPIA I think the class offerings, coop/internship options, program structure may be a better fit? I know there are a few of us making this same decision
  5. Should also mention both schools are in the same city and my cost of living would be similar. School 2 is usually the number 1 ranked program in the country, school 1 the number 3. Both are international affairs programs, neither is social work.
  6. Anyone have thoughts on making funding-based decisions? I've been accepted to my top two schools with super generous funding from each and I'm doing all that I can to decide between the two of them. Both have offered me full funding but in very different forms. Thoughts on whether a primarily scholarship based offer is better than a TAship-based offer (aside from the obvious "I'd have to work for my money at one")? Both are primarily professionally-focused, coursework based MA programs. School 1 offered me ~$18,000 over the two years in straight funding, $5,000 in my second year for a guaranteed TA or RAship School 2 offered me $5,000 in scholarship for my first year, just over $10,000 per year for both years for a full TAship
  7. In both the Statement of Standing and on the Funding page.
  8. Correct, I didn't apply for any external funding. It does include 2 years of TAship.
  9. Also got my full offer from NPSIA - about 25k over the two years, in the Conflict Analysis & Conflict Resolution specialization
  10. I'm in the same boat. I got into Munk, GSPIA, and NPSIA. I've already declined Munk but GSPIA and NPSIA have always been a tough choice for me. I got a very generous funding offer from GSPIA (~20k and a TAship) so I'm definitely waiting on funding info from NPSIA. Beyond that, I'm reaching out to former profs and to students I know who did either of the programs. Here's my take on the two: - GSPIA has a more professional structure, possibly more work/coop opportunities, class sizes, and all around good feedback from students - NPSIA has the faculty I'd rather work with, the more prestigious name, but mixed reviews from students about class size and program structure. Anyone else have thoughts?
  11. A friend of mine posted last week that he'd been accepted to the MA-JD ... Not a close friend so I don't know the details or timing. I'm first half of the alphabet though
  12. Just got in too! Now to wait on FGPA and decide between NPSIA and GSPIA
  13. @ABPolitico I'm an H so I'll be sure to share if I hear anything. On a related note, I know it's been discussed but does anyone know what the reality of coop/internship likelihoods look like for GSPIA? I've been accepted there with pretty generous funding and want to know as much as I can if I'm lucky enough to have the choice between NPSIA and GSPIA.
  14. Munk doesn't seem to want a deposit so I'll probably accept there if I don't hear from anywhere else by the end of the week, then decide what to do if I later get in elsewhere. Still keeping my fingers crossed though.
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