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  1. Yes, I did hear that the assignments and even exams could be done in English but that is still a headache to figure out. I'm still very much interested in GSPIA but I'm now almost certain that I'll choose NPSIA. But I'll update you guys on my final decision, which I'm gonna make by the end of the week.
  2. I'm in the exact same boat with the GSPIA profs being a big selling point for me and having received more funding from GSPIA. Thanks for that perspective. I've been leaning towards NPSIA for the reasons such as the mandatory grad level French course at GSPIA, name prestige of NPSIA and the coursework option but my gut is telling me to go with GSPIA.
  3. I'm in a similar boat with someone who mentioned that they are unsure if the B- Econ requirement is strict. I'm taking 7 courses this semester and have struggled in the class along with the rest of the class, the average is pretty low... I emailed Tabatha but she is out today. Waiting for her response. Either way, I'm not leaning to NPSIA...
  4. Hey guys! I'm in the decision making process and suddenly feel so torn between NPSIA and GSPIA. On one hand, NPSIA has more flexibility in my course schedule (GSPIA forces you to take four core classes in the fall, and four more in the winter although two are elective choices), and obviously the research paper is a must. I've heard conflicting things about co-op opportunities at both schools, and given the fact that NPSIA accepted somewhere around 115 students this year, I feel cynical about what they can offer. I'm also getting some jitters about the French course we have to do at GSPIA, but really prefer the faculty at GSPIA over NPSIA. HELP. Funding from both schools was close enough to not make a difference.
  5. Just got my offer from NPSIA and the funding was on the lower than I expected, but still grateful. I got a little over $8,000 vs. GSPIA offering me $12,000. Decisions, decisions.... Hopeful2017 raised some really good points about NPSIA perhaps being a better option because of the coursework option, the less intensive schedule (GSPIA states that we have to take four classes per semester for year 1) and the whole French class situation. Hmm lots to think about.
  6. Haha, I saved a copy in case they were to try and tell me they never gave me an offer to begin with. No takebacks! LMAO
  7. This is really weird but my GSPIA application which just said 'admitted' and showed me my offer, now says 'under evaluation' again. UGHHHHH I'm going to assume its a technical issue for now, but this is annoying. I saved my offer of admission thankfully.
  8. For those still waiting for GSPIA, please don't despair. The school is incredibly unorganized and I don't think its a bad sign that you haven't heard back yet. Stay positive, guys! Wishing everyone the best.
  9. Got accepted into GSPIA!!!!! My offer was also in French.... but from what I gathered, I'll get funding of $6,000, which is a bit low to be honest... But I'm grateful I got in at all. Still waiting for my official NPSIA offer, it is currently "Review in progress by Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs". EDIT: WAIT, I GOT $12,000!!!!! It says 6,000 per year for two years=$12,000. Nevermind, I'm pretty satisfied with the offer lol.
  10. Can I just say that Daniella is literally the most unhelpful person ever? Sorry, but even when I went to the uOttawa campus to get some questions about the program last year, she was SO RUDE. In comparison, Nancy is super kind and actually responds with helpful answers, both by phone and email. I would recommend emailing Nancy directly if you want instead of just the GSPIA email: Nancy.Pelletier@uOttawa.ca . In regards to GSPIA, I am extremely frustrated with their inept behaviour... NPSIA is just as busy if not more, and has been more than capable of getting back to students. There have been only a handful of offers from 3 weeks back and THAT'S IT.
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