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  1. I got this as well. No clue.
  2. Let's hope we're onto something then, hahaha!! Good luck.
  3. I looked at this as well and found something similar (Gender Studies). No one from the US was from the program, so I probably have my hopes (unreasonably) high. But yeah, tends to be 1-2 for me too.
  4. Thank you!! Where did you hear this, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Nothing here, but will definitely be sharing either way!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh
  6. I don't remember, I'm sorry! It was back from a previous year's forum. Regardless, I think we'll probably hear this week or next.
  7. @prer25 I'm for the MPhil - offer confirmed officially last week - and from Canada.
  8. Also an international applicant, from Canada. @prer25 I think I saw you on TSR - are you also in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies?
  9. @WildeThing Ah okay Ignore me then!!
  10. @WildeThing Was the deadline for Gates not in Oct/Dec for US/international students, respectively?
  11. Having a moment of anxiety and desperately seeking affirmation from anyone who can provide it: 1. I just found a typo in my Gates statement (why would I review it at this point????? There is nothing good to come from this gah) where I wrote "rules" instead of "roles." Thoughts as to how awful this is??? 2. I'm also just generally panicking because I'm still under department review and am worried that any international Gates' nominees would already have been accepted by now. Can anyone debunk this, or is there any truth to this freak-out?? Ok, sorry for this, but grateful for thoughts/advice.
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