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  1. I got this as well. No clue.
  2. Let's hope we're onto something then, hahaha!! Good luck.
  3. I looked at this as well and found something similar (Gender Studies). No one from the US was from the program, so I probably have my hopes (unreasonably) high. But yeah, tends to be 1-2 for me too.
  4. Thank you!! Where did you hear this, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Nothing here, but will definitely be sharing either way!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh
  6. I don't remember, I'm sorry! It was back from a previous year's forum. Regardless, I think we'll probably hear this week or next.
  7. @prer25 I'm for the MPhil - offer confirmed officially last week - and from Canada.
  8. Also an international applicant, from Canada. @prer25 I think I saw you on TSR - are you also in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies?
  9. @WildeThing Ah okay Ignore me then!!
  10. @WildeThing Was the deadline for Gates not in Oct/Dec for US/international students, respectively?
  11. Having a moment of anxiety and desperately seeking affirmation from anyone who can provide it: 1. I just found a typo in my Gates statement (why would I review it at this point????? There is nothing good to come from this gah) where I wrote "rules" instead of "roles." Thoughts as to how awful this is??? 2. I'm also just generally panicking because I'm still under department review and am worried that any international Gates' nominees would already have been accepted by now. Can anyone debunk this, or is there any truth to this freak-out?? Ok, sorry for this, but grateful
  12. Absolutely will do!! FWIW, found this timeline for international applicants on another thread: 3 February: department offer26 February: invited to Gates interview22-23 March: Gates interview24 March: Gates offer
  13. MPhil in Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies - quite different than yours, I'm afraid!! Lots of people on here from the US so nice to have someone else going through the international process!!
  14. I applied internationally (Canada) - but not expecting to hear back until probably March or so, from what I've read. Eep!
  15. Happy to have found this thread!! I'm an international applicant (from Canada) so am not expecting to hear back either way for a few months yet. I'm also still at the "under review by department" stage, so anxiously awaiting..... good luck everyone!
  16. Hi, I can't help with all of this but from what I have heard Carleton is usually quite accommodating in granting an extension on the 21 days if you explain your situation and ask for it
  17. Hi, I'm graduating from my undergrad at Carleton this year so can try to help if you have more specific questions
  18. Hi @TakeruK - thanks for the quick response! I am definitely in the second camp I would say. It would be a struggle but I would try to make it work. And like you said - if I asked it would definitely be in a really tactful, polite way. I was more thinking along the lines of thanking them for the offer, sharing that I was a bit anxious about the $ situation given a really appealing funding offer closer to home, and asking if there were any other scholarship/research positions/etc. etc. that they might know of. Because the UK school is definitely on the more prestigious side, I don't want to com
  19. Hi all, I've found myself in a position for which I am very grateful, but which has also made me super super anxious. I've been accepted to two Master's programs, one in my home country at my undergrad institution (in Canada) and one at a top-tier school in the UK. My undergrad institution isn't super well-renowned, but the program is generally viewed as one of the best in the field in the country. Both schools have offered me funding, along the lines of this: School A (Canada) - $30K for one year; tuition is $11K and cost of living relatively low School B (UK) - $14K for one y
  20. Just internal (missed the OGS deadline), and thank you! This makes decision making way, way, way harder. I'll be super honest, LSE is where I really want to go because of the program, and they did offer me funding...but it is literally half of this (with the tuition basically twice as much). I'm super grateful but also way more stressed than I was this morning LOL.
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