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  1. Hey guys. Not sure how many people are still frequenting this board, but I could use some advice. After being waitlisted at Munk and ruling out the MPPGA at UBC, I pretty much had my mind set on accepting an offer to do my MA in Political Science at Western. I did my undergrad at Western, loved a lot of the faculty, am familiar with the city and was offered $19,000 in funding for the one year. I finally got an email from U of T today that I've been accepted to the MPP program with $3000 in funding. I'm really not sure which is the better choice - I don't want to put myself in too m
  2. My status has changed to "Decision Made" as well. Not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I was pretty convinced there would be no hope of getting off the waitlist. I guess we'll find out soon!
  3. Sucks that the waitlist at Munk isn't ranked. I emailed back to at least find out how many applicants are on the list - will keep the rest of you posted!
  4. Got the waitlist email from Munk. Hoping they'll be able to tell me what place I'm so I know what to do with my offers from other schools. Also concerned about the price of going to Munk without any funding if i do get off the waitlist. Huge congrats to to everyone who was accepted! And for anyone who is going to decline their offer.... please do so before April 12th ?
  5. Have you received a funding offer from UBC yet? I received the email on the 3rd, but still haven't received any details or a funding offer.
  6. Has anyone seen the status of their Munk application change? Mine still says "under review", but they finally updated my application to show that they did, in fact, receive my second reference letter.
  7. Ah, congrats! Hopefully we'll hear something this week! Where else have you applied and what are your thoughts on UBC's program? I'm a bit concerned about how new it is, the course offerings and that the program website mentions basically nothing about internships. On the other hand, I like that the 2016 class has only 25 students and I hope that means that the profs and admin are pretty accessible.
  8. I haven't received the official letter yet, only the email saying I've been accepted and will receive more detailed correspondence within the next week. Hopefully there will be an offer of funding in there. I agree, it's super expensive for a new program, and especially when you factor in the cost of living in Vancouver.
  9. Thanks so much! I haven't heard much about the program and it doesn't seem like the school has strong connections within the field, but it's still a good option. And yeah, my CPGA is a blemish I'm pretty concerned about. I've also applied to complete my Masters in Poli Sci thinking I could add some credentials to my app and re-apply to Munk if this year doesn't work out. Thanks for the insight and best of luck to you as well!
  10. Hi all. I just found this forum a couple days ago and am feeling similarly nervous so I thought I'd join in. I'm piping in here kind of late but here are my stats: - BA Honors Poli Sci at Western - L2 GPA: 3.7, CGPA 3.1 (had some health issues that I've documented in my app) - LSAT 165 - Some policy experience during undergrad - I worked with an org that lobbied for reforms to the postsecondary education system and I co-authored a policy paper Was accepted to UBC MPPGA last week and am now anxiously waiting to hear from Munk, UofT, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Best o
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