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  1. @DCrSS You can find out what all the statuses mean here: https://graduate.carleton.ca/application-status/
  2. @JackFr the preference form is under your ouac profile when you first registered. On the right under Prepare Your Application select Program Details. In the gray box that show up select supplementary forms. Once you select okay two pdfs will be available. The first is Instructions and the second is the Preference Form. It sometimes says access denied when I first click it but if you go back and re-select it, it should work!
  3. @JackFr I doubt you are the first applicant that it has happened to. I would call or maybe even e-mail so you get their response in writing
  4. I am a Canadian graduating with a BS in International Affairs from Florida State University! I have a 3.3 / 4.0 overall GPA, 3.6/4.0 GPA from my final two year. I spent my first year (including summer) abroad in Europe. I played rugby and I currently work on campus for FSU Housing! Does anyone know how Carleton will calculate grades from American schools? I ask this because at FSU to get an A- for example you need a 90 but at Carleton you only need 80 to get an A-. (https://carleton.ca/npsia/calculate-your-gpa/) So, does this mean that all of my grades will be bumped 10% when they calcul
  5. How old is everyone applying/are you still in university? I am only 20 and I am graduating early from my undergrad.
  6. @sunshine18 I'm doing macro this semester and I'm taking micro over the summer. I am also taking Political Response to Globalization to try and have some more experience in macro/micro
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